Registration includes:

  • (1) Complete CPN file document with all your new data
  • (1) CPN File Registered to 79+ opt-in primary public records databases nationwide
  • A clean CPN Number free from having been any other entities ever
  • A $55 Registration Credit towards any tradelines or package you buy from us
  • Having the peace of mind knowing your new credit file is aging while you build on it when you can


  • Create your new credit file today for $55
  • Add a great tradeline from our inventory & get your new FICO credit score posted within 2-3 weeks. Ask for current tradelines by texting 800-597-2560
  • Or, do you want to create your new credit file and then purchase one of our packages HERE? No problem.


In order to start your new credit file you will also need:

(1) New Email Address 


(1) New Phone (link HERE)


(1) New Phone Plan (link HERE)


* * Note about phones or phone apps: Your new number can not be a google voice or free phone number app. Your phone needs to be minimum any prepaid phone number you have never used before.

***We recommend a Tracfone plan and phone combo since they are really all you need to have a few conversations every once in a while updating your new credit file accounts or calling for limit increases etc..

****Note about address: We can provide a residential address for you to forward your mail from or you can use a friends you have never received mail at.


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About Legal New Credit File Service

Q: What is

A: LNCF is a service that makes it simple to start and grow your very own new consumer credit file with a new FICO score via the guidance of The 1974 Privacy Act Law — as well as add a new source of revenue to your existing personal or business credit.

  • Do you need a new apartment or vehicle?
  • Do you need new lines of credit or get the latest phones?
  • We provide you with a legal new consumer credit file & the knowledge that empowers you, even if you have had zero experience or success managing your credit in the past.
  • Ready to leverage your new credit to start that new business or quit your 9-5 job? 
  • We will help you be legal, add credit and manage your legal new credit file successfully!
  • Our CPN Numbers are guaranteed and scanned from being any other entities. We want you to feel confident building on your New Credit File.
  • Referrals: Family & friends that are already registered with us get $100 cashback for you being referred or, they can choose $100 credit towards their balance or additional services.
  • Interested in the CPN Software & Training? Go HERE
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