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What do the numbers look like?

As an agent making 15% part time with our average package sold (the $1,295.00 Standard Package): 

Making (4) sales a week = $866.25 in commissions

Making (6) sales a week = $1,165.50 in commissions

Our full time agents are doing 1-2 per day, with 3 not being uncommon. Which averages 10 per week equaling $7,770.00+ per month.

Remote Team Leaders make an additional 3% to 5% on all their agent sales.

EXAMPLE: Working with (6) Agents averaging 6 sales per week is a total of (36) sales per week which gives the Remote Team Leader an additional $2,331.00 in bonuses that week not including their personal sales.

If you do the math we think you will find our compensation will afford you the ability to enjoy a positive focus with your clients while also enjoying a beautiful and enriched life in the process.

Decide how much you want to make and what it’s going to take. Work without a financial ceiling looming overhead with a tried and tested financial solution that 90% of the population needs.

Types of LNCF Agent Training Courses

We offer two types of agent training courses:
  • Professional courses. These training courses provide practical, professional training for broker-based national new credit recruitment counsellors, building knowledge of the industry, key concepts, fundamental skills and daily operations. These are a must-have for any student recruitment professional wishing to show their understanding of the fundamental principles of US national privat finance education.
  • Referral / Broker Agent. Refer people you know or advertise on your social media channels with your LNCF username “Hop-link” to secure cash commissions starting at $100.00USD after any client makes their first payment for any packages listed HERE. As an added protection for you be sure your friend / client puts your name in the registration field where it says “Who refered you?” and thats it.
*** For either Agent position you must fill out the Agent Sign-Up form on this page.

Why take an LNCF Agent Training Course?

     LNCF agent training courses are online, self-paced, industry-recommended courses that provide both new and current education agency-based student counselors with professional expertise and up-to-date knowledge of public finance.
     There are also excellent training and resource tools for individuals wishing to keep up to speed with changes and developments in the national private finance education industry, as well as for those who want to demonstrate their professionalism through recognized certification.

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