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This article is about Credit Privacy Management, Personal Security & Freedom

WORDS OF WISDOM "Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become." C.S. Lewis

Financial privacy & the power it wields

     When good intentions breathe, small beginnings can grow into terrific dreams…

What intentions do you have for your liberated financial life with a legal new credit file a.k.a. a CPN?

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Intention and ego

Have there been people that have gone to jail while using a SSN? You bet! Much more than from a CPN file a.k.a. Credit Privacy number. Any controversy that may derive from the use of a CPN number isn’t necessarily because of the credit privacy number & file per say, it was the financial actors intentions alone that were dishonest. 

CPN Go To Jail

If you get a $60,000 vehicle from a dealership and drive off never to have the intention to pay for it then you will be hearing from the dealership.

If you did that on any account, you bet your going to be hearing from a business or relationship signer that wants to reach out and touch you.

It’s not the Credit Privacy Number or the use of Credit Privacy itself at issue. The Dealer already signed off on the contract as well as the counter party (you), its the willful intention to violate a business relationship with no regard or respect for a business’s credit extensions to you & the physical value that was transferred in good faith.

Are you scared of freedom?

It is a fact that millions of Persons that live in the U.S. manage their accounts in commerce with a Credit Privacy File and have never had an issue with a public services agency other than collections and perhaps some relational strife.

As long as you follow the rules just like in anything you will abide uninhibited in your financial dealings.

Over the past 2 years alone we have had exactly (0) Zero clients ever have an issue with any agency that may or may not like the idea of what the CPN can afford the new user of one to do.

Of course the credit card companies and many other businesses have a vested interest in you having bad marks on your credit so they can get more money from you. Think of the billions they would loose if they allowed credit privacy companies to advertise on television. A bit to woke for those folks.

“There is no money in the cure”

Personal Security & Protection

How else do people stay safe in wit ness protection, politics, bad love affairs or crazy boy / girlfriends trying to extort unjust sums from you without any financial privacy protections?

Just fixing your credit does not protect you from the hunters out there, the actors with bad intentions for what they see YOU have and they do not but want from you.

In emerging markets you have to keep your data private from ALL prying interests that want to take your life value.

Just like any work force or service you have been apart of there are good people and there are bad people.

You have no idea what is going on in the privacy of someone else’s own thoughts or that they have you set as a mark to be taken advantage of and your accounts drained.


You don’t know what you don’t know

How much trouble do you think you will be in if you: responsibly manage your affairs, pay your debts, stay underutilized under 35% while credit card companies keep extending you credit line increases? Not much trouble at all.

When you rent a new house apartment or car with you new credit and you make that situation make money for you everyone gets paid. Why would they want your accounts to cease. 

Play the credit game so everyone gets paid. Believe me, you would much rather be dealing with the bank than a loan shark around the corner.

If you want access to $100,000.00 we can give it to you, but you have to dealcashapp with a potential first blush money crush. If you can white knuckle abstaining from desire and make your money actually work for you, you have a chance to leverage wealth to real security and sustainability.

It’s not the lottery, it’s “creative finance” at it’s best. A loophole here a law abided there and a story book life curated in the process.

If you lean into your new CPN file with wanton ill intentions or random spending and decadent ravishment’s you may actually be on a course to make yourself wildly unhappy. Take it from me, I know…

OK so what do we do?

After reading this article 1st thing to do is check the FAQ’s page HERE.

Then call us with any questions. You will find our phone number at the top of every page. Talk to one of our financial specialists.

Respectful interdependence is the cure for relational ills.

You want to leverage your new credit to build working capital that pays for itself while staying away from frivolous desire of material and physical distractions.

pexels jose ortega 12950586You want to be consistent and economically smoking hot to lenders. A wet hot tease.

Not hard in this market to have a credit file that looks better than most. 90% of peoples personal credit cards and trade accounts, credit privacy number or not, are underwater.

A great start

Example: You have 10 credit cards that all have been built to $10,000.00 limits within a (1) year period. You ask for 1,500 to 2500 in credit increases every 3 months like clockwork on every account. Get your Google calendar dialed in with the 800 numbers to your creditors you are in good standing with.

Having 30% of $100,000 in credit gets you 30K to float and grow a month of capital that can WORK for you.

You want to put that money to work as soon as the credit hits your accounts. Then, by the time we/you get your credit options increased you will end the cliché of bad habits and broken financial promises with opportunities once again that can change your life for the better.

Don’t burn your opportunities with old habits. If you can really float your investment in a new credit file CPN number they we can work together to leverage you into a really nice financial position you will feel so excited to experience.

Still, enhance your calm and forge ahead looking past the pleasure’s and distractionsbest credit repair method of today for the dream being built in your tomorrow.

Feelings matter

Even with the worst case scenario that you become a part of the percentage of credit crunchers that finds themselves economically broken the lenders will do what they always have done.

Send out a letter.

Then you choose how to respond to it, pay it down, get the account removed, or use many legal options you NOW have available to you.

Everything matters

Having $100,000.00 while beating inflation alone gets you high marks for mindful monetary leveraging tactics.

If I am selling you credit repair, I am going to tell you how horrible it is to make your credit better in any other way than through my credit repair companies understanding and “Get the money” attitude.

Since a salesmen doesn’t really know your situation or even has the right to make you divulge very sensitive information about WHY your life or credit got out of whack or what you are trying to protect yourself from.

You could be on the run from a crazy lover, or perhaps a drunken financial hitman.

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Do “they” really expect you to rely primarily on credit repair alone to protect you from the changes in all markets that are under emergency management controls?

What are you suppose to do mind your Social Security account that has little to no reciprocating payout potential in favor of going down with the inflating ship while sector resources are being mismanaged left and right?

Emergency authorizations come with inherently self activated emergency countermeasures from the people regardless of the market or “current” laws expectations.

“Survival crimes reach record proportions as countries around the world brace for the end” the heading could say

You simply cannot use old world tactics in the new world order of things. You have to do something different in finance to actually see results grounded in these new ever shifting financial realities.

Use your new credit file to buy property out of city centers and get a hold on your families or your security before winter sets in. You need to start now before it’s to late. Better to be prepared and not need the security than to have the sky fall and be left without a chair when the music stops.

I know no one likes getting punched in the face but you are a part of a war whether you like it or not. A war on your health, a war for your freedom and a war for the storage of the life energy your family has to leverage with the stores of value that you control either in physical properties or mental prowess.

You are on a chess board whether you like it or not. If you just don’t play what can become of you without expert financial specialist always giving you amazing advice from hard won real world financial experiences.

Being educated passes on the most rewards to ourselves and family. The question you gotta ask yourself is how are you going to leverage $100,000.00 to pay your bills. You got the formula in your head.

Knowledge pays the greatest dividends.

Example: Get great credit. Go to Carvana. Get the most popular sedan everyone from the conventions circuit just loves, has the best ratings and reviews and is always sold out. Get the make and model number and buy one used (before transmission problems kick in in 2 years at least) 

Post your new ride on Turo or the many apps/websites like it at the same time. Synchronize accounts so when you get your ride rented it auto pauses the other rental app notifications.

Enjoy having your rental calendar sell out and make a profit while paying down bills and making your new credit file actually WORK for you while you keep your current obligations/job/s repair

Now work to get ahead and add a fleet of vehicles that pay all your bills, or leverage the new found TIME/freedom to educate further and respond WITH the market instead of against.

If you have any kind of blood family, yeah you got your issues, but try to be the first to show love, care and compassion during your success.

The human condition is hard enough as it is, when we take the initiative to give and help others during our free time it can really change all of our lives for the best.

Pay it forward selflessly with love. Not a bad motto in my opinion.

Real change comes from being real, not trying to show off to people that will never love you for your money but admire you for your courage to be real with them.

Love, admiration, respect are words used to define individuals that speak and walk in their truth while loving and respecting the truth and honor another holds for themselves.

It is not spoken, most often, it is simply witnessed and admired the quality of a persons presentation and respectful poise. Their intelligent thought provokes well considered commentary with others they always learn to love.

pexels lukas 296282My primary effort from the beginning of this  was to convey the importance of the innate hearts intentions towards your financial literacy and real feelings of freedom.

Educate then create!

If you do the one thing that many others out there are not doing which is actually giving back selflessly to the people we choose to help in this life, we as a species CAN find hope and love in others and survive the great deluge’s of our tumultuous ever changing world.

We can help show you a legal new financial freedom with a credit privacy file, we can give you the key to the door, public protection and new money, but it is you that must take the rains and make that change.

Have the courage to commit to growth and not just in monetary wealth which you will see is easy to obtain when you pay half a mind to it.

You can’t keep doing the same thing. The only consistency in this world is change.

 There is still joy to be had, find it, share it, love on…

Let us help you manage your accounts responsibly and leverage your credit to real progress and wealth.

best choice

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