How We Reduced Our Carbon Footprint By 50% In 3 Months | Late 2022

glamping new credit file

YAY! A new credit file saves the day, AGAIN

How we reduced our carbon footprint by 50% in 3 months | Late 2022

First thing we realized is that the economy is changing.
Inflation and everyone’s “agendas” draining the new credit file
People are feeling a lot more uneasy about change, so use to the “way things use to be”. So in this transition we knew we needed help and we are not a “finance couple” per say.
We are just like a lot of people that work hard for our money and like to give back to our family and friends. Its getting harder to do that (especially financially).
legal new credit fileSo we called my brother and she called her step sister and we put our heads together.
First things we needed were, um, oh yeah… money and we also needed good credit.
Both of our credit scores were bad from raising the kids and getting them off to school.
My wife and I socked some money away so we could put a down payment on this program my brother ended up telling us about.
Basically its a Legal New Credit File with a 720 plus new FICO credit score and its legal.

cpn file

so I said, “as long as it legal and we can make it work lets do it“. We had to try something new!
Apparently, this in one of the very few companies in the industry yada yada that has verified service.
They get the best results and with out messing around with peoples money. They don’t upsell and just give you what you need for your situation.
So after our new credit score posted we were approved for a few new credit cards and some new iPhones from Verizon.
Then we got to work on securing a property that allowed tiny homes and camping.
We ended up buying through
There are not a lot of municipalities that allow tiny homes but here are some LINK.
& State Laws List LINK
land and farm property new credit file
However, we found some properties and made a choice on a nice piece of flat land near the lake with trees & electric at the property pole.
Now we have committed to spending half the year on our zero carbon footprint property and the other half in the city.
Problem is I don’t know if I am going back to the city after this lol.
I feel like my wife and I are on the show “Revolution its really cool 🙂 On our property there is zero input.
After setting up our glampers survival kit with seeds from Seedsavers we have tools, food water and shelter set at $330 a month.
Really basic solar powers all of our devices in case the power become unreliable and our skin and weight are all looking good and going in the right direction.
City life wears on the soul so we were happy to take a break from it. Plus we are just getting older now.
The real hard part initially was dealing with no more helicopters, sirens, gun shots, riots, you know things like that.
We synchronized with the environment, my wife likes to say “withdrawal” from the city. Anyway we have found so much more peace now.
Plus we have a legal new credit file so we are no longer getting all the phone calls and emails from so many “carbon” connections from our old life.
We really love the earth and we think that people can compromise and it can be healthier for them if they just give the transition a shot.
Our relationship has never been better!
The plants feed our brains better than any of the processed crap we were eating before.
There isn’t anyone between the earth and the food that goes into our mouth. Third parties need not apply.

farm security new credit file

We don’t sell our food so we stay legal and interdependent with the city and most of us out here just like the peace. 
My wife and I put up these really cool invisible laser fences that lets us know if the perimeter has been breached.
It records 24/7 on a 32gb micro SD card with remote access to the live property.
Now we can see what’s going on with the property any time day or night to our cell phone.
I know my wife is safe and knows how to protect herself as well as myself in case the other person needs to go to the store or whatever.
What really made it work for us was the influx of credit and funds that came from the new credit file.
We immediately put the money to work for the things we needed. We transitioned into zero carbon foot print in 2 months from our new credit score posting.
It was kind of scary originally for me being out in the country since I have spent my
 life in the many cities of the world but I can’t believe how at home and safe I feel
Gosh I wish we would have done it sooner.
Lance & Barb
Lake of The Ozarks
Winter 2022