Is a CPN File Actually Above The Law? See inside

CPN File common law

Is a CPN File Actually Above The Law?

Our goal is to awaken humanity up to Common Law

  • Common Law was Invoked in 2001, The Government & Monarchy was Dissolved in 2001.

  • Common Law is the Law of the land, it has been since the dawn of time.

  • Common Law Is Natural Law, Peoples Law, We Hold The POWER, We Hold The Gallows.

So if I separate my living being from the commercial trade birth name I can’t be arrested?

You can be arrested you just wont be able to be personally held through your intelligible defense of your station and rights.

“How do you plead? I plead to the facts but not the crime.”


You are an “Authorized Representative” of the “Account in


Don’t cross the “water gate” (don’t board the ship” don’t yell.

Same controlled tone as the corporate officer you will be speaking to (usually called a “judge”).

Meet Your StrawMan

If i were to tell you that paying your TAX, Drivers Licenses, Registering your car, Paying Fines, and attending courts are all optional and that you are conned into agreeing with them.

Print your templates to freedom?

Your Straw-man is a fictional entity as no one can interfere with a Private Wo/Man.

It all starts by the BLOCK letters of your Surname on your birth Certificate.. 

  • straw man ( noun)

  • 1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument: her familiar procedure of creating a straw man by exaggerating their approach | [as modifier] :  

  • you are constructing a straw man argument.

  • 2. a person regarded as having no substance or integrity: a photogenic straw man gets inserted into office and advisers dictate policy.

  • Therefore, we are obliged by Divine Law, Constitutional Law, International Laws and human conscience, to withhold all
    forms of support and funding of organized crime committed by the organizations responsible for that funding.

Download an amazing freedom 5 page document template here:

Therefore, we are obliged by Divine Law, Constitutional Law, International Laws and human conscience, to withhold all forms of support and funding of organized crime committed by the organizations responsible for that funding.

This is the text of the document below out of format to get SEO juice 😉

CEOName [or Section 151 Officer]CompanyNameCOUNCIL [Councils are corporations]Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Town, PostCode
Dear CEOName [or Section 151 Officer]Greetings man or woman acting as CEOName: Agent for CompanyName who we will hereinafter refer to as “you”, for
your document InsertRefNumber, dated EnterTheirDate which we received on Date.
Me, My, or Myself, living upon the land in my body. i: wo/man have a common-calling of FirstName-middle. LastName.
state and say as follows, that i am an authorised administrator and an agent with 3rd-party interest of legal-matters for
Title AllCapsName estate [Title 18 1342 UCC]. For the avoidance of any doubt can you please clarify to whom you are
addressing the document? Are you addressing the living man/woman or the legal-person known as AllCapsName estate,
being two very different entities?
We have recorded the Birth Certificate with the common-law courts and are eligible to rely on this court order in any
future legal proceedings.
It has come to our attention that the Common-Law Courts made an order regarding Council Tax (CT) legislation, resulting
in annulment since April 2017. We have enclosed a copy of the written order. The order declares that ANY persons
attempting the collection of CT is engaging in unlawful trespass and liable for damages in both their public and private
capacity. The following Common Law crimes were highlighted:
Fraud is committed by impersonating another, or by falsely assuming a certain position of status, in order to obtain or
gain benefit or advantage, namely diminishing the capacity of a man or woman to a fiction with no life, which is known as
a person, a crown construct. For the record, the Common Law Courts have declared that any public official(s), facilitating
a fraud, forcing the legal-fiction-person to act as surety, is recognised as unlawful, criminal conversion, a form of debt
slavery or servitude and being a breach at International and Common-Law.
Criminal Subrogation
Where a man or woman has been substituted for a legal fiction, with no life, this is used to defraud and gain benefit, and
to defraud a man or woman of their rights and property, unlawfully.
By subjugating we the people to PERSONS, you have broken your Fiduciary Trustee duties and reduced us to status of
slave – into a debtor position – which is a breach of The Peonage Act 1867 and UCC Title 42 1994, which was alleged to be
the abolishment of debt slavery. See also Roman Canon 2057.
Council Tax is marred with prejudice and bias because of the collusion and fraud being committed by members of a
statutory system that protects its own vested interests.
The issue is not whether taxes should be paid, it is the fraudulent behaviour of the authorities and the failure to hold
these individuals accountable for abusing their positions that needs to be addressed.
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All Rights Reserved. Errors & Omissions Excepted
Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-assumpsit
Evidence of Crimes
It is now evidenced that ComapnyCOUNCIL is a private corporation, registered number on the US Securities & Exchange
Commission, as evidenced by D-U-N-S number 236429064, as a private corporation. This is evidence that
CompanyCOUNCIL are acting fraudulently as a Foreign Agent/Corporation and trading securities without a licence.
Under the Clearfield Doctrine, a Supreme Court Case, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, (1943) 318 US 363-371, when
the State or government enters into commercial business, it abandons its sovereign capacity and is to be treated like any
other corporation. The Clearfield Doctrine strips CompanyCOUNCIL of its “government” cloak and any protection that it
offers. Because of this, you are also in direct violation of the Seven Principles of Public Life, also known as The Nolan
It is our innerstanding that CompanyCOUNCIL cannot force, living; men or women to perform, without consent and
compensation, void of a lawful obligation or mutually signed, beneficial, performance contract. Any contract offered
without; complete and full-disclosure, without our freely-expressed consent, is fraudulent from the outset therefore, null
and void.
Furthermore, we also have reasonable cause to believe, and evidence to suspect, criminal activity that HM government,
HM armed forces and HM parliament is involved in. The only requirement for us to withhold payment, being that of
supplying supporting evidence to demonstrate that funds have been and are being used to support criminal activity. See
several exhibits of evidence here:

Material evidences:

Further evidences:

Further evidences being acted upon:
We also provide further publications that we are aware of that causes us great anxiety.
1. The Government has ignored calls to stop selling weapons to repressive regimes, including Saudi Arabia, which
has been accused by UN bodies of potentially committing war crimes in its military operation in Yemen against
Houthi rebels. Both the European Parliament and the House of Commons International Development Committee
have called for exports to the autocracy to stop, but the Government says it has not seen evidence of Saudi war
2. UK government is guilty of aiding-abetting and funding false flag attacks including 7/7 London bombing.
Our concerns have been further exacerbated by an article we have been made aware of in a publication reported in the
Guardian newspaper dated 8th May 2006
For emphasis, we highlight the following details:

Almost all local authorities in Britain hold investments in the world’s largest weapons companies, according to
figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. The figures show that they invest £723m in 15 of the
largest international arms companies. This is more than double what local authorities spend on promoting local
enterprise and new businesses across Britain, says the campaign against the Arms Trade, Caat, which conducted
the FoI exercise request.

It also found that 67 of Britain’s 99 council pension funds invest nearly £244m in BAE Systems, the UK’s largest
arms company. One in three council pension funds help to finance the manufacture of nuclear weapons through
investments in Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms company, according to Caat. It says they are investing
£20m in Lockheed, which manufactures Trident nuclear missiles for the US and Britain and is a contractor at the
Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, which produces and maintains the UK’s nuclear warheads.
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All Rights Reserved. Errors & Omissions Excepted
Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-assumpsit

Of the 88 council funds which provided information, all but two invest in arms manufacture. Three in five councils
invest in companies manufacturing cluster bombs or their components. General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin,
Northrop Grumman and Raytheon all produce cluster munitions or their components, according to Human Rights
Watch. The study found that 33 councils hold investments worth £33m in Halliburton, the US military services
conglomerate whose subsidiaries in Iraq are embroiled in allegations of overpricing and faulty accounting.
Halliburton denies the allegations
By us ignoring these facts and allegations we believe we could be implicating ourselves as accessories to Conspiracy, War
Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Child Trafficking, Child sex trafficking, High Treason, Terrorism, Fraud and potentially
many other laws, we are unaware of.
We are also aware of further crimes being perpetrated against the people, including:

Permitting 5G Installations in Surrey and Waverley boroughs, an unregulated technology without public insurance
and proper risk assessment

Using tax funds for on and off shore investment activities, pension funds and illegal wars

Abuse of Powers, forced closure of businesses and lockdowns, intimidation/threats of fines and penalties

Installation of multiple surveillance systems to spy and collect data on its people

Police abuse of powers, criminal coercion, brutality, and interference in civil matters

Rolling out of foreign corporation globalist plans, UN Agenda 2021/30 Sustainable Development Goals

Operating in Bankruptcy as all Governments were foreclosed in 2013 (Motu Proprio 2013), therefore no Subject
Matter Jurisdiction
Currently, all local and central government are in violation of our Constitutional and Human Rights under:

Human Rights Act 1998

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

The Bill of Rights 1689

Magna Carta 1215
We created Government, not the other way around! Yet we have seen, consistently, nationally published evidence of
police cover-ups on a national scale to protect high-ranking paedophiles abusing young children, for decades often
facilitated by local councils mis appropriately using funds of Council Tax monies, to commit and cover-up by Child
Protection Services and using secret family courts kidnapping and stealing children to commit disturbing and horrific
crimes of abuse within the establishment, including members of Royalty, Heads of State, Chiefs of Police, Politicians,
Councillors, Lords, Prime Ministers, bankers and even children’s (alleged) protection charities to gain access to vulnerable
Therefore, we are obliged by Divine Law, Constitutional Law, International Laws and human conscience, to withhold all
forms of support and funding of organised crime committed by the organisations responsible for that funding.
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All Rights Reserved. Errors & Omissions Excepted
Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-assumpsit
Evidence of Fraud
If all of the above wasn’t enough we have also become aware of local councils stealing and siphoning Council Tax funds
for personal gain. Councils creating fraudulent summons to members of the community and privately hiring public courts
and employing staff to operate their fraudulent scheme and to rubber stamp liability orders.
Approximately £240 of Council Tax money (per dwelling) goes instantly into the Copper Bottom Pension Scheme (CBPS)
for the local councillors. This amount of money is removed from every single Council Tax bill with the overall payment
worked out on a percentage system. Say you pay £1000 over ten months at £100 per month, £24 per month is paid into
the CBPS. If one million people are paying CT, that equates to £240,000,000. If 10 million people are paying CT, that would
create £2.4bn.
For the record, under a formal Freedom of Information request to CompanyCOUNCIL and require actual full profit and
loss accounting in respect of all of the following:
● All pension funds and ALL investments using the proceeds of Council Tax.
● Enforcing tax liabilities and charges including court charges minus appeals and damages incurred.
● Enforcing any and all policies of ‘CompanyCOUNCIL’ upon the local community.
● Enforcing evictions for non-payment of tax/arrears upon the local community.
Further to the above we include a Data Subject Access Request (SAR) for full disclosure as to why the unique account
number [Insert your council tax account number here] is being used as a bank account number and is corresponding with
the HMRC sort code: 08-32-10, showing the account is owned by CITIBANK NA. The IBAN number is owned by the great
American private for profit conglomerate Bloomberg Group!
We have never given our express or written consent to share, hold or store our private data with any foreign entity,
especially an international bank, which we find quite distressing. Seemingly, a perpetual form of illegal slavery or bond.
With all that said, we require a substantial response from you directly, given the gravity of the evidence provided, and
this merely scratching the surface of the actual truth!
You have a lawful and legal obligation, in your public office and in your private capacity to provide the evidence of material
substance that there is a lawful obligation for us, the living wo/man, to be liable for Council tax. We request that you also
provide the material evidence of:
1. The dictionary and Grammatical styles manual you are relying on in this matter;
2. CompanyName has proof that we are a person and liable to pay a non-domestic levy;
3. CompanyName has proof that we are a registered corporation or resident of a dwelling;
4. CompanyName provides us with additional services outside of your statutory obligations;
5. CompanyName can make any demands whatsoever; against a determination that ALLCAPSNAME is liable, for the
non-payment of CT upon human-beings living here;
6. CompanyName has the lawful authority; to act over i a man/woman without just-and-fair compensation;
7. CompanyName can force us to implicate us into ‘aiding’ and ‘abetting’ by funding acts of terrorism and/or illegal
We are honourable people and will be happy to settle any liability if you can provide proof-of-claim and truthfully respond
to the numbered and bulleted requirements above. We now at all times offer to pay the debts to the woman or man, with
a verified claim, where full, complete and not misleading disclosure has been given, as required for us to ascertain
contractual obligations of expected services, a signed and dated contract by both parties as required in
contract/commercial law.
We are not aware of requesting any additional services, outside of your statutory obligations of communal services that
we believe already pay in our income taxes.
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All Rights Reserved. Errors & Omissions Excepted
Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-assumpsit
Conclusion: Corporations, agencies or offices have no lawful or legal authority over any people without the people’s
voluntary informed consent, and all and any legitimate government and its servants must stand under all people, public
and private.
We offer to give you fourteen (14) days to provide a response, in substance on a point-by-point basis, to the above
requirements, signed by your own wet-ink signature under the penalty of perjury, liable in both your public and private
capacity or will confirm to us that there have been or there is no verified claim against i: living wo/man or the legal-person:
AllCapsName estate.
As previously stated above, for obvious reasons, due to the severity of the allegations we are withholding all funds until
each of our concerns are answered on a point-by-point basis to our complete satisfaction. Any contact made, that does
NOT rebut our claims; will mean that you agree by acquiescence. All correspondence sent to us by you, will be retained
and may be used as evidence in any and in all claims we make against you.
Failure to provide the lawful proof requested or rebut our claims constitutes your agreement that there is no outstanding
debt; lawful obligation or signed contract it will be deemed as tacit agreement by your acquiescence that the alleged
charge is: ‘null’ and ‘void’, non-existent and we will consider this matter to be closed.
Under GDPR 2018, any implied consent to hold and/or share our private data is hereby expressly and formally removed
with immediate effect and we request that you also remove our details from the Electoral Register. That is, all the
NAMES listed at the above address. We now stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court and statutory
legislation no longer applies. In addition, as the details were obtained by criminal coercion, i.e. threat of harm or loss,
your own data protection rules must be applied, i.e. the data must be removed, on request. You may keep historical data
and historical financial records, but you no longer have permission to use our legal fiction or our power of attorney. We
no longer consent to be governed, nor do we consent to funding domestic terrorism against the people of this land, you
have broken your fiduciary trustee duties. To try to force these things on an unwilling electorate is acting ‘ultra vires’,
outside of the authority given. Retaining our details on the electoral register against our wishes would be malfeasance in
public office for which you would be held liable in your private, individual capacity. Any attempt to try to force us to accept
the position of a legal fiction would be fraud and criminal coercion.
We are a sovereign people and we deserve better from our elected representatives and civil servants. We do not consent
to these abuses. We the people, are the creators of government and as such, its master – not the other way around. We
the people have had enough!
In your reply, please confirm that you have removed our details from the Electoral Register.
We await your response.
Yours sincerely,
(Autograph it as)
:Firstname-Middle :Last
Subscribed and sworn, without prejudice and with all rights reserved [UCC 1-308].
Principal, by Special Appearance, in Propria Persona, proceeding Sui Juris.
Standing solely under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court
Authorised Representative for Title AllCapsName.
Dated this ____/ ____/2020