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  • A legal new credit profile with all your new information $FREE
  • A clean new credit number free from being any other entities ever $FREE
  • Employment History $FREE
  • Your file registered to 80+ opt-in public databases $Upgrade
  • 700+ New FICO Credit Score $Upgrade


  • Create your new credit file today just register below!
  • Add a tradeline to get your new FICO credit score posted within 2-3 weeks. 
  • Call or text for any questions 800-597-2560

To complete your new credit file you will need:

  • (1) New Email Address 
  • (1) New Phone Number never used before
  • (1) New Home Address we provide or you get P.O. box, or use friends address

*Just text us your new phone number, new email and new home address (if you are going to provide) when you get it so we can add it to your new file.

**Read the laws & other helpful information HERE.

*** Note about phones or phone apps: You can use a free Google Voice Number prior to getting a cheap prepaid smartphone. When applying for credit cards, after your score posts, you will want a new cheap smartphone like AT&T or the Tracfone.

****We recommend AT&T or the Tracfone plan and phone combo since they are all you need to have a few conversations every once in a while updating your new trade accounts or calling for limit increases.


We are offering a Legal New Credit File with a 700+ FICO score to the winner!

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This giveaway will allow the winner to start fresh with a 700+ FICO score new credit file legally via the 1974 Privacy Act Law.

The legal information is referenced on our website for clarity.

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That’s it!! Good Luck!!
*People that live in the USA only!
**Contest Ends Sat, 10/15 @ 11 PM CST

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About Legal New Credit File Service

Q: What is

A: LNCF is a service that makes it simple to start and grow your very own new consumer credit file with a new FICO score via the guidance of The 1974 Privacy Act Law — as well as add a new source of revenue to your existing personal or business credit.

  • Do you need a new apartment or vehicle?
  • Do you need new lines of credit or get the latest phones?
  • We provide you with a legal new consumer credit file & the knowledge that empowers you, even if you have had zero experience or success managing your credit in the past.
  • Ready to leverage your new credit to start that new business or quit your 9-5 job? 
  • We will help you be legal, add credit and manage your legal new credit file successfully!
  • Our CPN Numbers are guaranteed and scanned from being any other entities. We want you to feel confident building on your New Credit File.
  • Referrals: Family & friends that are already registered with us get $100 cashback for you being referred or, they can choose $100 credit towards their balance or additional services.
  • Interested in the CPN Software & Training? Go HERE
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