Part Time & Full Time Assistant's Needed - Tell-commute

Job description

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Very simple requirements

You need:

  • A smart phone with a data plan

  • Speak English as your native language

  • Familiarity with e Mail, spell check, copy and paste

Tasks you will be expected to perform:

Help us troubleshoot e Mail campaigns, website user experiences etc..

Taking notes: If screen share conversations in business mentor-ships or agent training are happening we need transcription of content and discernment to identify which data sets and or conversational materials relate to which online digital assets/businesses to add content to. Typically those answers are provided during the conversations and are really easy to track.

In normal conversations the keywords will be obvious as talking parties reach a crescendo with an idea or detailed description of a task list that needs to be completed and exacuted on.

A very healthy dose of common sense is required.

If you want to be invited into the conversation that’s taking place because like all people you too have valuable insight, you would at an appropriate time interject when is prudent to do so.

As you compile and disseminate directives given in conversational data to the appropriate:




Press Release Department

Spokesperson (hiring)

Production Department

Production Assistant

etc you will be helping to establish a greater experience for the companies and their users.

The content and considerations you will be exposed to will be life changing for the people involved and you will get to be a part of that positive transition in their lives. This is an opportunity for someone that is ultimately interested in not working for anyone else again and learn how to succeed interdependently outside of any pier groups.

All Remote Agents will get:

  • Free services from our network to amplify the participents financial status and personal goals

  • Access to life changing information that translates into hard cash for everyone with first person accounts of successes seen and ability to replicate independantly of anyone

  • Subject matter for basic training will include but not be limited to public financial tools that can be leveraged to monitize premium digital assets on many very inexspensive advertising network platforms for daily live cash flow as well as step-by-step LLC build out for your business or brands legal protection (20 minute training modules). Level:Easy

Why are we doing this?

Because we love our vocations and we want to naturally help others find their vocation and really succeed.

As a company we have chosen to give 10% from Corporate Treasury to give back to the community in free services and life changing offers through our companies network.

People are being paid to train you and make sure you are successful and provide you support in your digital journey 24/7/365.

WE HAVE TO SPEND THE MONEY SOME HOW so we choose to honor the patronage of our users services they buy from our network by giving back to our local Communities direct to the people.

JOIN US! Apply here:

We will provide a followup email or phone call within 24 hours for response. Same can be expected with the Indeed job response time.

Thank you for reading.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $17.00 – $45.00 per hour

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