As an agent making 15% part time with our average package sold (the $1,295.00 Standard Package): 

Making (4) sales a week = $866.25 in commissions

Making (6) sales a week = $1,165.50 in commissions

Our full time agents are doing 1-2 per day, with 3 not being uncommon. Which averages 10 per week equaling $7,770.00 per month.

Remote Team Leaders make an additional 3% to 5% on all their agent sales.

EXAMPLE: Working with (6) Agents averaging 6 sales per week is a total of (36) sales per week which gives the Remote Team Leader an additional $2,331.00 in bonuses that week not including their personal sales.

If you do the math we think you will find our compensation will afford you the ability to enjoy a positive focus with your clients while also enjoying a beautiful and enriched life in the process.

Decide how much you want to make and what it’s going to take. Work without a financial ceiling looming overhead with a tried and tested financial solution that 90% of the population needs.

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