Artificial Person (legal definition):
“A legal entity that is not a human being but for certain purposes is considered by virtue of
statute to be a natural person.”
A corporation is considered an artificial person for Service of Process.
Here is a hint: THAT person that is “served a summons” IS an artificial person in the case of a
lawsuit which IS a business transaction…get it? This simply means that the “person” being served
is NOT a human being! Here is the next line of that same definition:
ARTIFICIAL PERSON. In a figurative sense, a body of men or company are
sometimes called an artificial person, because the law associates them as
one, and gives them various powers possessed by natural persons.
Corporations are such artificial persons. 1 Bouvier’s Dict. Inst. n. 177.
In a figurative sense, meaning in an imaginary situation, THIS is what an artificial person
REALLY is and what it means and in that context. So the next question is, WHAT is a “natural
person”? If YOU are in a body of men that considers themselves a ‘citizen’ of the United States
(a body politic i.e. Russia, France, Canada, Mexico…etc.), then YOU are also considered to be a
“natural person” by the online legal definition above and are non-living. So now let’s define a
“Natural person” in that exact same online legal dictionary source.
Natural person (legal definition):

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“A real human being, as distinguished from a corporation which is often treated at law as a
fictitious person.
Here is another legal definition of “Natural Person” from Cornell Law School
Natural person – Legal Definition []A living human being. Legal systems can attach rights and duties to natural persons without
their express consent.
See artificial person (contrast).
BUT WAIT! Don’t those two definitions contradict one another? Of COURSE they do have
to otherwise someone would come along and figure out they are NOT U.S. citizens and that
would screw everything up for those attorneys and judges that are controlling your minds. You
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see, they are not controlling the “system”, your actions do that FOR them! Everything is
voluntary so when you partake as a “citizen” of the United States you are already in trouble.
Still wanna be one?
That’s fine with me but if you are whining about how intrusive government
is in your life, go whine elsewhere because the government has nothing to do with your woes.
It’s YOUR fault stupid.
Before you get mad and throw something at me, let’s legally define what a “fictitious person” is:
Person: (this is what is shown as a “legal” definition when “fictitious person” was input)
In general usage, a human being; by statute, however, the term can include firms, labor
organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees
in Bankruptcy, or receivers.
A corporation is a “person” for purposes of the constitutional guarantees of equal protection oflegal fiction strawman
laws and Due Process of Law.
Foreign governments otherwise eligible to sue in United States courts are “persons” entitled to
institute a suit for treble damages for alleged antitrust violations under the Clayton Act (15
U.S.C.A. § 12 et seq.).
Illegitimate children are “persons” within the meaning of the Equal Protection Clause of
the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The phrase interested person refers to heirs, devisees, children, spouses, creditors, beneficiaries,
and any others having a property right in, or a claim against, a trust estate or the estate of a
decedent, ward, or protected person. It also refers to personal representatives and to fiduciaries.
West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All
rights reserved.
Person. n. 1) A human being. 2) A corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a
person. Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation.
However, corporations, counties and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice,
and therefore are not liable for punitive damages. The object of legal rights. There are two kinds
of legal person: human beings and artificial persons such as corporations. A PARTNERSHIP in
England is not a separate legal person but in Scotland it is said to have quasi-personality.
So what does THIS really mean? These definitions are VERY confusing to the average man or
woman but NOT to me. Take a look what is below on that same page:
PERSON. This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called “natural persons”.
In law, man and person are not exactly synonymous terms.

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Any human being is a man, whether
he be a member of society or not, whatever may be the rank he holds, or whatever may be his
age, sex, &c. A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the
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rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. n.
2. It is also used to denote a corporation which is an artificial person. 1 Bl. Com. 123; 4 Bing.
669; C. 33 Eng. C. L R. 488; Woodes. Lect. 116; Bac. Us. 57; 1 Mod. 164.
3. But when the word “Persons” is spoken of in legislative acts, natural persons will be
intended, unless something appear in the context to show that it applies to artificial persons. 1
Scam. R. 178.
4. Natural persons are divided into males, or men; and females or women. Men are
capable of all kinds of engagements and functions, unless by reasons applying to particular
individuals. Women cannot be appointed to any public office, nor perform any civil
functions, except those which the law specially declares them capable of exercising. Civ.
Code of Louis. art. 25. **Women don’t seem to like this part!
5. They are also sometimes divided into free persons and slaves. Freemen are those who have
preserved their natural liberty, that is to say, who have the right of doing what is not forbidden by
the law. A slave is one who is in the power of a master to whom he belongs. Slaves are
sometimes ranked not with persons but things. But sometimes they are considered as persons for
example, a negro is in contemplation of law a person, so as to be capable of committing a riot in
conjunction with white men. 1 Bay, 358. Vide Man.
6. Persons are also divided into citizens, (q.v.) and aliens, (q.v.) when viewed with regard to
their political rights. When they are considered in relation to their civil rights, they are living or
civilly dead; vide Civil Death; outlaws; and infamous persons.
7. Persons are divided into legitimates and bastards, when examined as to their rights by
8. When viewed in their domestic relations, they are divided into parents and children;
husbands and wives; guardians and wards; and masters and servants son, as it is understood in
law, see 1 Toull. n. 168; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1890, note.
How about the legal definition of a “legal person”?
Here it is:
Le·gal Per·son – legal definition – noun when used in “law”
An individual, company, or other entity that has legal rights and is subject to obligations.
A legal person is legally defined an individual, a company (a group of persons) or SOME
OTHER ENTITY. So this of course means that an “individual” is an entity, a thing that is
obviously non-living.
Why? Because, there’s no such thing as a ‘living entity’…entities are
intangible things that have no life in them. A living man may control an entity in business
transactions provided the legal name of that entity has been legally and properly registered by
that man. You should begin to “see” what is going on and how the law only applies to non-
living entities which in turn means those same laws cannot possibly apply to you as the living
man controlling that business entity.
It is also obvious why there WILL be blowback from those
people who are earning a healthy “income” and feel threatened by what I am showing them. I am
not the threat though…I am simply showing people the truth and THAT is what frightens them.
If THIS does not open your eyes then perhaps nothing will! The legal definition of person
encompasses the fictional nature of ALL “Law and Government” because it can only deal with
‘persons’ that are non-living entities i.e. artificial persons, natural men and women, fictitious
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persons and the like. This is the holy grail of law and commerce folks. In the business world of
the courts, the court ONLY have jurisdiction over ‘your person’, NOT over the living man which
of course is YOU. I am devoting a LOT more time to this part of the puzzle because within
these definitions I have shown you above lies the ultimate illusion. Herein lies the key to what
we are doing to ourselves without KNOWING it and how we are doing this out of ignorance.
Ignorance is different than stupidity though and I will explain that this way. Ignorance is a state
of being uninformed and unaware. It can also mean that a person is lazy to notice something, or
is doing so deliberately. As for stupidity, it is knowing what is right and trying to find it in the
HAVING IT. An attorney at Law is stupid, NOT ignorant. A
Everything in law has been created by attorneys and bankers/central banks and world banks to
form organizations called governments. This is a “fictional realm” that includes ALL written
laws governing commerce and trade…it’s referred to as the “UCC” and it is a humongous TRAP
that was created as a means to lure unsuspecting men and women in to the lair of evil. But
people are getting suckered in to volunteering without realizing it and this is something that I did
until I realized that I was screwing myself and decided to STOP partaking in the self-inflicted
pain and suffering I was causing by my “acts”. Yes, I was my own worst enemy at one time, now
I have NO enemies at all…I stopped “fighting”. Who wants to fight anyway? Especially if you
are losing those fights most of the time? You are just trying to survive whilst I am REALLY
living. You may not “see” this yet, but you may eventually, if you don’t give up learning.
Attorneys have created ALL the rules that make up “The Rule of Law” but they have hidden in
plain sight THE most important rule of all. When I say everything in commerce is fiction, I
really mean EVERY THING. Because all of those written laws regulating commerce are
fictional, fake, make believe, NOTHING within that commercial world can be real and I mean
NOTHING…including YOU! I have made an astounding discovery that I am now sharing with
you and everyone else that cares to know what I do. I not seen any other man living as I do nor
have I read anything similar to this paper I have authored. I did not learn this from the internet
(sorry Mr. Gore) but the internet makes registering a snap and also assists in people discovering
for themselves what I am showing you now. I have uploaded (and UPDATED) this paper to my
Scribed account page for people to view and download for free. I want people to discover this
on their own with just a little assistance being necessary. I am showing you the door, YOU must
walk through it. So here is how I put this all together
I discovered that I have been doing EVERYTHING wrong…but so is everyone else so I was in
good company and most certainly not alone. Since I first wrote about this almost 2 years ago, I
have learned many more things that have further served to confirm I am correct about what I am
about to explain in detail to you now. I now control the legal business entity that operates in that
fictional realm FOR me in commerce and this allows me to transact business in this state for a
profit LEGALLY for the first time in my life. 50+ years of living a lie is long enough in my
humble opinion and it was obvious to me when I found it what I had been doing wrong all along.
It explained why my ass was handed to me so many times before in court and then provided me
with the ability to turn the tables around 180 degrees. You see, there is a law on the books that
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they never told us about and I found it hidden in plain sight, right under our collective noses.
That law clearly states that in order to transact business legally, everyone MUST use a legal
name that has been registered properly with the Secretary of State to create a legal business
entity that can then be “used” to legally operate in that fictional realm. This is something we all
MUST do…with the specific exception of attorneys, judges, clerks (officers of the court) and
high ranking bank officials (officers of the banks) which makes complete sense because they are
the entities that have all the privileges and THEY makes all the rules. If we don’t follow those
rules though, there is no exceptions and we suffer the penalty of failing to do so. Filing that legal
name that appears on the Certificate of Live Birth by using the Assumed Name Certificate is
100% legal and makes absolute sense in what seems to most people as a world gone totally mad.
It explains why we have been at a disadvantage and allows us to connect all the dots which were
missing before. No one can force anyone else to do ANYTHING, everything is voluntary and
that of course includes transacting business in this state. But if you choose to participate in that
game of commerce, you had better educate yourself first and know what you are doing. This is
mandatory for ALL business entities, including corporations, but my business is not a
corporation and requires no license to operate legally. It does require that the legal name be filed
to create that legal entity though and everyone has no clue what they are doing to themselves. To
claim that YOU are a legal name is a lie because a legal name is a non-living entity. There is no
incentive for any government employee to inform us of this requirement and very few of them
know what I am telling you anyway. This legal requirement is universal and every state has their
own version of the “dba” which depending on the size and population of the state, may be
handled by the county clerk’s office which is a sub-entity of the Secretary of State’s office. It is
the ONLY way the “system” can work properly for them because when people discover that they
are screwing up, they stop doing what they had been doing and this puts a damper on the state’s
ability to collect tax revenue eventually leading to a serious decline in earnings. Let’s not fool
anyone, the government is a for profit business entity and it’s big business now so this is not
something that we can expect its employees to accept easily, but the truth is, those employees
have no choice. There is no immunity for any government employee, including judges. In
California, the legislation that mandates legal compliance for all legal names transacting business
in this state of a profit may be found in §17900 – 17930 of the California Business and
Professions Code. This is where the law refers to the legal requirement to file a Fictitious
Business Name Statement with the county clerk’s office and this legislation has been modified
dramatically in recent years because it was obvious that people were beginning to “see” that the
problem was with the “use” of that legal name. The form for California is designed to prevent
you from filing properly and this of course is intentional. Alex Padilla’s office is ripe for a huge
lawsuit because it knows I have found fraud within that state mandated form the county clerk
claims everyone MUST use.
The government agency that generally registers ALL legal business names “in this state”
(which means “in the United States”) is the Secretary of State (SOS). The government created
the legal name expressed on the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) but failed to inform me that it
represents an entity, not me. The legal document that I used to file that legal name and
represents the founding business documents for my business entity is called an Assumed Name
Certificate (ANC). I filed the ANC online with the Minnesota SOS and I know by experience
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that this is the ONLY way to properly register that legal name in the “United States” and be in
compliance with the law. The other state’s various “dba” forms are traps luring in people and
causing them to “believe” the purpose of this legal requirement is so that other people know who
they are doing business with…but that is just a trick. The Minnesota ANC is an official
government document certified by SOS Steve Simon and serves as validated evidence proving
that my business entity is properly registered as required by law. The importance of compliance
becomes self-evident if you end up in court because that is where it REALLY matters but I will
explain that later. The Minnesota’s SOS has the same official validation as ANY state SOS has
in the United States and may be used with any “legal name” that originates from the COLB
regardless of what state in which it has been created. It also does not matter if you were born in
another country and wish to file in Minnesota because a “legal name” on any birth certificate is
still a legal name. This is great news for people who wish to stay in the USA but have no “legal
papers” to establish a legal presence. “Naturalization” is another trap. The Minnesota ANC is
valid in each and every state to transact business in the United States for a profit without having
to pay an “income tax” while also offering solid proof it is 100% compliant with the rule of law.
The legal name is actually a product created by the state referred to and by the Certificate of
Live Birth (COLB) but this is NOT a REAL name which is why it’s called a legal name. It is in
fact the “REAL” name flipped around 180 degrees and then disguised as a “First Middle Last”
(FML) name, a name which is definitely NOT you. This has created a lot of confusion as to
what the difference is between a “real name” and a “legal name”. Here’s a reported quote from
Mark Zuckerberg: “There is some confusion about what our policy actually is,” the CEO wrote
during a Facebook Q&A. “Real name does not mean your legal name. Your real name is
whatever you go by and what your friends call you. If your friends all call you by a nickname
and you want to use that name on Facebook, you should be able to do that.” So we can see now
that Facebook is very much interested in you telling them what that “legal name” is but Mark is
simply muddying the waters by not really explaining the “legal” difference and why 2 names
exist to begin with!
The FML name is legally defined in CFR § 100.12 Identification (52 U.S.C. 30101(13)).
Identification means, in the case of an individual, his or her full name, including: First name,
middle name or initial, if available, and last name; mailing address; occupation; and the name
of his or her employer; and, in the case of any other person, the person’s full name and address.
Nowhere in that definition will you find the word “surname”. This means that a “surname” is
NOT the name used for id-entification purposes and that a FML name may ONLY be used in
that way to identify itself in a business transaction. The word surname was derived from the root
word “sur” which serves as a prefix meaning “over or above” and occurs primarily in words with
French influence. i.e. surcharge; surname; surrender; survive. This ROOT-WORD is the
Prefix SUR which means OVER, ABOVE & MORE. This Prefix does not indicate greatness or
superiority. In No. 2, it is a belt tied over a saddle. In No. 14, it describes an article of clothing
that goes over other clothes. SUR is not used as a suffix.
Surcharge : SUR charge (sur chari) n.
An addition over and above the price
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2. Surcingle : SUR cingle (sur sin g’l) n.
A belt drawn over the saddle to keep it over the horse’s back
3. Surcoat : SUR coat (sur kote) n.
Overcoat; coat over
4. Surface : SUR face (sur fas) n.
The top layer; as, the surface of the water
5. Surfeit : SUR feit (sur fit) v.
To sicken with having too much, with excess
6. Surmise : SUR mise (sur mize’) v.
To guess; to have superficial opinion based on little evidence
7. Surname: SUR name (sur nāme’) n.
The name placed over the given name; aka “family” name; NOT a “last” name
8. Surpass : SUR pass (sur pas’) v.
To get ahead of; to transcend; to pass over
9. Surplice : SUR plice (sur plis) n.
A white linen vestment worn over the cassock of a priest
10. Surplus : SUR plus (sur plus) n.
Over plus; excess; abundance
11. Surprise : SUR prise (sur prize’) v.
To take unawares; overtake without notice
12. Surround : SUR round (sur round’) v.
To go around on all sides; encircle; circle over
13. Surtax : SUR tax (sur taks) n.
An additional tax; over the regular/standard/normal tax
14. Surtout : SUR tout (sur tu’) n.
Over all; a man’s overcoat
15. Surveillance : SUR veillance (sur vay’ lens) n.
Supervision; the watch over all
16. Survey : SUR vey (sur vay’) v.
Look over with an appraising eye; oversee
17. Surveyor : SUR veyor (sur vay’ or) n.
One who appraises; overseer
18. Survigrous : SUR vigorous (Sur vig’ rus) adj.
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Very active; enterprising; over active
19. Survival : SUR vival (Sur vie’ val) n.
Continuing to live; keeping alive
20. Survivor : SUR vivor (sur vie’ vor) n.
One who remained alive over those that died; live over others
21. Survive : SUR vive (sur vive’) v.
Remain alive longer than others; live longer; over live
Now you know the difference between a ”surname” and a “last name”…they are obviously
NOT the same. This is precisely why a “USA Passport” (note that it is NOT called a “U.S.
Passport”) has the “surname” strategically placed above the “Given Name” and this also explains
why that document is NOT considered a legal form of id-entification. Passports are legally
defined as “traveling papers” for men and women and this is universally understood in law.
Don’t believe me, call the passport office which is located in Secretary of State John Kerry’s
office (Wash DC). The non-living legal name is ONLY supposed to be used to name and
identify the “registered” non-living legal business entity operating under that legal name and
cannot legally be the same name as the living man who uses it to conduct business in this state
for a profit. Are YOU living or non-living? I don’t know about you but I am a living man and
there is nothing non-living about ME.
One common denominator is that ALL of these documents are issued by the “Secretary of
State” which is also the office with the registry of ALL business entities. A “certificate” may
only be issued to a non-living entity, not to in any way representing a living man or woman.
What is the legal definition of “certificate”? Now it gets real interesting….
Certificate (legal definition):
 A written document that is official verification that a condition or requirement has, or
has not, been met.
The COLB is a certificate alright, but it is NOT proof that the legal name has been “registered”
as the law requires if one plans to “use” that name to transact business “in this state” for a profit.
That COLB is simply a copy of the “birth record” as shown in the “Birth Registry” and that
ONLY records events, not names. That legal name is NOT registered until you file an ANC with
the SOS you see which is up to us to do! This is yet another trick used to keep you and everyone
else totally mystified (including the government employees that work in that agency) as to the
true purpose of that ANC and what that legal name represents in law. The realm of commerce is
not real and neither are any of those commercial laws (UCC) that are being thrown around on the
So now we also know that a passport is NOT used to identify you or anyone else, but rather, to
show anyone that asks for your “papers” when traveling to other ‘jurisdictions’. The surname
tells someone what family you came from (to indicate your inheritance) and the given name is
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the name you are known by or known as. Lawrence of Arabia was known as Lawrence from the
region of Arabia and I am also known as “Douglas of Avalon” but these names to NOT identify
the man, they identify what he is known as and where he is from, neither of which identify
WHO he is. ONLY entities may be identified which means that if you obtain an “ID”, you are
claiming your-self to be a non-living entity. That’s not good of course unless you are dead.
By properly filing the ANC with the SOS, this provides my registered legal business entity a
status of “Active/ In Good Standing” with the Minnesota SOS which means that my business
entity IS legally registered and may defend itself in a court action as well as sue other entities to
hold them accountable for any losses/damages to THAT business, financial or otherwise. In
essence, the ANC is the ”game piece” that I MUST use to allow me to legally conduct and
transact business lawfully in the realm of commerce while also evidencing and demonstrating
that I am the living man that exists outside of that fictional realm that represents that entity, NOT
myself. It also allows me to establish the fact that I do NOT own anything and that it is my
business entity that owns and holds ALL private property held in that registered legal name. I am
the registered “Nameholder”, NOT a “registered owner”. A “registered owner” is NOT
considered a living man because a man cannot own anything; but a registered business entity in
good standing with the “state” CAN and does own property and is therefore able to protect those
assets from theft or damage by another ‘party’. A “holder” of property has total control and
complete discretion with respect to the use all property owned by and held in the name of that
registered legal business entity. A bankruptcy trustee is an example of the court appointing a
“holder” as a trustee IS a “holder” of any property until the true owner may be found. I reiterate
the fact that I do NOT own anything, my business entity owns EVERYTHING that would
otherwise be assumed to be owned by me and THAT would be a false presumption. This is how
people get themselves in trouble with a court, they unknowingly lie to the court and everyone
else and then wonder why the ruling is made against that “person”. You must screw up FIRST,
then all they must do is wait for you to commit the “act”.
This “status” distinction becomes self-evident with the proper filing of the ANC and is
EXTREMELY important for you to understand because if I do not own anything, NOTHING
can be taken from me. If a person/entity (like the IRS) wishes to take something owned by my
business, they must FIRST take this up with the courts and file a lawsuit against THAT “person”
(which is the registered legal business entity, not me) that allegedly owes the IRS money/tax.
Since my business IS properly registered, it is legally capable of maintaining that legal name in
any court action…meaning it may sue another party or defend itself should another party file a
complaint/lawsuit against “it”. The IRS is alleging a “personal income tax liability” but my
business has no personal income whatsoever and neither do I. It’s ALL business income and
since that business is a “sole proprietorship”, that ‘pass through entity’ has NO tax liability. I am
NOT the “sole proprietor” however, the legal name is that sole proprietor. That legal name was
filed properly with the SOS using the ANC and that created the ”sole proprietorship” which
bears the SAME name. The legal definition of that sole proprietorship “entity” is as follows:
Sole Proprietorship: A form of business in which one person owns all the assets of the
business, in contrast to a partnership or a corporation.
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“A person who does business for himself is engaged in the operation of a sole proprietorship.
Anyone who does business without formally creating a business organization is a sole proprietor.
Many small businesses operate as sole proprietorships. Professionals, consultants, and other
service businesses that require minimum amounts of capital often operate this way.
A sole proprietorship is not a separate legal entity, like a partnership or a corporation. No legal
formalities are necessary to create a sole proprietorship, other than appropriate licensing to
conduct business and registration of a business name if it differs from that of the sole
proprietor. Because a sole proprietorship is not a separate legal entity, it is not itself a taxable
entity. The sole proprietor must report income and expenses from the business on Schedule C of
her or his personal federal income tax return.”
This means that ALL income that “passes through” that business is tax exempt and since I am
not the sole proprietor, I have no “personal income” and thus, no personal income tax liability.
All the income is “business income” under the control of the “accountholder” which of course
IS me and no tax filings are required whatsoever. I opened a “Business Bank Account” with US
Bank and the “Tax Identifier” is the SSN (Social Security Number) that was assigned to that
business entity by the SSA allowing it to ‘identify’ itself to government for tax purposes. That
SSN has nothing to do with me you see, it is the tax ID for my registered business and this
further distinguishes the entity as a business and NOT me. I encourage those who wish to
comply with the law to open a business account right away and transfer any and all funds from
“personal accounts” over as soon as possible. Personal accounts are in fact fraudulent because
you are signing a contract stating that the legal business legal name IS you and that is NOT true.
Within the commercial realm of the United States, only legal entities/legal fictions are allowed
to operate in commerce legally and those business entities MUST be registered entities that are
active and in good standing with the SOS. So what is the penalty for NOT filing that legal name
properly? It is NOT a fine or jail time but there IS a penalty that is far more reaching than either
one of those things. The penalty for non-compliance with this mandated law to file is that the
legal name/legal entity is unable to maintain that legal entity/legal name in ANY court
action…which means there is no way to proceed in a case brought against that business or to sue
any other party in a court UNTIL proof is established that it IS in compliance. In other words,
that business entity may not maintain that name in a court action, business tort, etc. and has no
way of protecting and or otherwise defending itself or its assets from another party that has
perhaps stolen or damaged private property owned by that business. You have unknowingly
made yourself a “sitting duck”. That law is in place for very good reason but there MUST be a
way the government allows all of us to comply with that law for it to be considered good law.
That law is intentionally hidden in plain sight where it was thought no one would discover it. My
discovery proves that nothing is hidden forever and the truth always exposes itself at some point
in time and MUST be acknowledged. We must also realize that government employees have no
obligation to tell us what we should be doing (that may be construed as legal advice) and
attorneys have no incentive to tell us anything because then we would not need them for
“representation”. I have already educated myself and complied with a law they may know
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nothing about and it can easily get confusing to them, but I have no obligation to educate the
court or any attorney either and we all know that ignorance of the law is no excuse, correct?
Why is this so important? Because, we have been misled (intentionally or not) in to thinking
and actually believing that we are an entity by using that legal name as if it were our own name.
A belief is the absence of knowledge which is the same as saying “I did not know that” so I have
NO beliefs…I either KNOW something or I don’t. I have no beliefs and thus KNOW that I am
NOT that legal name and am able to prove it. An entity is a thing, an object or a product that is
non-living. It has no heartbeat and it is not breathing; ergo it is not living. I am a living man that
has a heartbeat, can eat, breathe, walk and talk….therefore, I cannot possibly be an entity as that
would be quite impossible for ANY “thing” to do. I am able to PROVE that I am NOT that legal
name/legal entity. The COLB is that product the “state” creates/produces for us to “use” to
transact business. B-I-N-G-O
This is the function of the Assumed Name Certificate. It was created for THIS purpose so that I,
as a living, breathing man, may have the ability to comply with the law. I cannot function in a
fictional realm because I am a man…but most people are attempting to do this without knowing
what it is they are doing to themselves. This is the commission of a criminal act and it is called
false personation. Claiming to be something that you are not out of ignorance is silly AND it is
illegal. Now you know why you will probably lose in a court action every single time.
Do you KNOW who you are now? The more important question is, do you KNOW “what” you
are NOT? It does not help me to know this, I already KNOW the answer. It only helps YOU to
KNOW the answers to these 2 questions and then be able to prove it in court. If you do not see
what I see it is because you see yourself as that legal entity. Your mind may not open up to
seeing anything other than what you have been taught to believe because most people have no
clue what they are doing. Only if you KNOW who you really are can you possibly KNOW what
and who you are NOT! The information I am sharing did not come from any book or from an
internet website. It is the culmination of well over 20 years of study and immersing myself in
something that most people want nothing to do with; written law. Anyone can tap in to this
source of knowledge I am showing you but you must first be willing to accept something that
flies in the face of what we were all taught in school and held as truth by most of our friends and
family. I may not be able to teach you how to open your mind but I can certainly show you the
path to finding that doorway…it’s up to YOU to walk through it. This material is actually very
easy to understand once you are able to “see” that FML name is not you and what filing that
ANC really does. Your ability to grasp the importance of what I have done is predicated on
whether you want to know the truth. Not knowing this is not abnormal; in fact, unfortunately, it
IS the norm and I am doing the best I can to make this easy to understand. Let’s delve a little
deeper in to how this all transpired in the first place and how our minds have been controlled as a
means to get us to voluntarily submit to being enslaved without knowing it.
Do you have complete control of everything in your life? You can, but first you must let go of
what you can’t control…that is, everything that exists outside of reality and is in the commercial
world that you have no control over. That fictional world of commerce you need to use to live
but have no control over may ONLY control you and your property when you have not filed the
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legal name properly. You did not create any of it but it controls you because you are not aware of
the most important rule. If it controls you, it controls your mind. Your mindset must be in the
proper place and you must open your mind to what the world of commerce REALLY is. It is
ALL an illusion, a fiction, a game. That COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) is a very big part of
that fictional world of commerce and the game being played, but how can one prove that he or
she is not a part of it? STOP partaking. Give back what is NOT yours’ and then you will be able
to get back what really IS yours’. That is, you stop functioning within the commercial world as a
thing knowing that fictional world of commerce that you think is real is not real at all. Give back
that driver’s license and cancel all other registrations you have filed…such as voter registration.
People who register the legal name to vote are actually committing voter fraud because
remember that the legal name is an entity and entities can’t vote. I have no problem with those
who DO register to vote or have a driver’s license though, it is none of MY business.
Written law requires that you register ANY name that you are using in commerce for a profit in
this state by filing with the Secretary of State or a state agency that is charged with registering
dba names. For the State of Minnesota, section 333 of the Revised Minnesota Statutes is where
you will find this legislation.
Stop and think for a second, is that COLB/legal name a “name” YOU are using in commerce?
YES, of course it is! Most people use that legal name every single day in commerce to transact
business but don’t realize it. You use it as if it were identifying YOU, the man or the woman.
The problem is, it was NEVER intended to identify YOU, the man. That legal name was created
by the state to id-entify a legal entity transacting business in this state. More specifically, it
identifies a business entity that operates in commerce lawfully for a man or woman for whom it
was created. Filing the ANC accomplishes the task of registering that legal name and the SSN
that is assigned to that COLB/legal name (oftentimes at birth these days) has a specific purpose
as well; that is, to associate a 9-digit tax identifier (ID) to THAT specific registered legal
business entity that has been filed with the SOS. This is important because there could easily be
more people filing that same exact legal name but there are never 2 identical SSN’s associated
with the same legal name. The ANC guidelines clearly point out that filing with the SOS does
not copyright or trademark THAT name, it registers it so that it can be verified by anyone that
wishes to evidence that name is indeed properly registered and has a status of Active and In
Good Standing. This is the same sort of status that a licensed corporation has when it has
properly filed and registered with the SOS and provided it is following the rules of the game.
There exists one MAJOR difference; that is, the ANC is NOT a license, it is merely a dba (Doing
Business As) and that is a significant difference. Why? Because any license is a license to break
the law. If you have a driver’s license for example, all a law enforcement officer has to do is
accuse you of breaking a law and the burden of proof is on YOU to prove otherwise. Why?
Because you are claiming to be a fictional entity, not a living man. How does one prove they are
a man and not a fictional entity? The ANC does that and THAT my friend is the sole purpose of
that filing with the SOS. Now you do not need a license or permit to drive, or to build a home, or
to buy a car…or to do anything else you desire. Your registered business entity operates in
commerce FOR you which proves that the COLB legal name can’t possibly be YOU. So this
comes back to that first understanding of who we really are, and more importantly, who we are
NOT. You are NOT that legal name on the COLB but you must be able to prove this to anyone
that inquires because there exists a presupposition that EVERY ONE is that person (entity) that
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is known as a legal name and most people step right in to the trap of going down to the County
or to the SOS where that COLB was created and pays to get a certified copy of the COLB. Then
they unknowingly hurt themselves by using that legal name/COLB (which was
VOLUNTARILY paid for) and go down to the DMV to obtain a driver’s license. This requires
that an image of that man or woman be digitally superimposed on a card called a driver’s license
right next to a “First Middle Last name” that is NOT their name. So a driver’s license is nothing
more than a fictional entity/thing created by the state at the request of an ignorant man or woman
to use in commerce…BUT it is fraudulent and you are breaking the law that requires THAT
name be properly filed with the SOS! When you operate as a fictional character in THEIR realm
of commerce (thinking of course that the COLB legal name IS you), you are violating the law
without even knowing it and making yourself THAT game piece that is NOT really you because
it is in fact a non-living entity. This explains why having a driver’s license is a death wish. All
licenses are a license break the law. It also evidences that you have not filed that COLB name
with the SOS as the law clearly requires providing that judge with total judicial discretion to rule
as he or she desires with no actual relevance to law. §17900 of the California Business and
Professions Code states the following:
17900(b) As used in this chapter, “fictitious business name” means:
(1) In the case of an individual, a name that does not include the surname of the individual.
Remember that old maxim, ignorance of the law is no excuse? That goes both ways of course
and once a man has you comply with the law by filing the ANC with the SOS registering that
legal name, you are now fully compliant and can prove that COLB legal name is NOT YOU!
The presupposition that you are that legal name/legal entity is immediately put to rest and the
tables turn 180 degrees in YOUR favor. That legal name now works FOR you instead of against
you. By the way, state employees are not told what I have just shown you to be the truth in this
paper. If you are damaged in any way, your entity has standing in court provided you are able to
evidence that your legal name on that COLB has been properly filed with the SOS and has a
status of Active and In Good Standing. Now you know why a judge has total discretion in
deciding your case if you have NOT filed properly because you are providing him or her with
that discretion by failing to have any standing in their court. You can’t defend your business
entity or sue anyone else. Your registered business entity evidences that you as CEO have
standing in ANY court and therefore any and all discretion that judge may have assumed to have
does not exist. You are now able to evidence that your legal name has standing so you can
defend yourself and if need be, sue ANY corporation or person (including the United States,
Inc.) and win. Also, there is a form of restitution for people like us that are in compliance and
have been damaged by poorly trained government employees. This form of restitution known as
Unjust Enrichment shifts the burden of proof to the government/defendant to prove that it did
NOT unjustly enrich itself. Only an entity may have standing in a court. A living man or woman
won’t be recognized in a court. Remember, the FIRST thing any judge asks in court is to state
YOUR full name. Once you have id-entified yourself as that legal name, you have just stated that
you are a dead man. You cooked your own goose. This is the voluntary nature of everything in
commerce; it’s ALL in that legal name and requires that YOU claim that entity IS you.
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So then, it is THIS form of voluntary act that explains the voluntary nature of the personal
income tax and why anyone who claims they have “personal” (as opposed to “business”) income
may have a personal income tax why the government tells everyone the income tax is voluntary
because until you properly file that legal name on the COLB with the proper authority known as
the SOS, you have no way of proving that you are NOT that legal name. That presupposition
exists and always will exist because your mother acted as an informant by telling the so called
government she produced a product. Why are you considered a product and how can anyone tell
an entity something and have it somehow respond that IT understands? Look up “LIVE BIRTH”
in state law and you will find the answer to that question. You see, ignorance of the law is
absolutely NO excuse, but if you KNOW the law, you know the rules of their game and are
therefore no longer ignorant. Anyone reading this for the first time is probably ignorant and may
take this “personally”…but that is ignorant as well. The people that created “government” also
created the fictional world of commerce so they made the rules and the rule of law is what
governs entities, not men and women. If YOU know the rules as well as I do, your business
entity operates in commerce FOR you and you have therefore averted any and ALL problems
associated with law enforcement. You have stopped volunteering to partake in that fictional
world of commerce illegally and unlawfully. You are operating legally AND lawfully through
the use of that ANC and the business entity that YOU created as a means of complying with the
law. Now YOU are 100% legal and compliant while pretty much everyone else is not complying
and have no clue they are breaking the law simply by claiming to be something that they are not.
No wonder everything is upside down and so difficult to figure out, right? I simply figured out
the rules and KNOW them better than most people, therefore I win the legal game every single
time I play. I can’t lose. The best analogy I am able to provide is the popular game of ‘Monopoly’.
The United States, Inc. created the game of Commerce and they are providing you with a game
piece known as a COLB (the legal name). When you play the game like you do just about every
single day and use that legal name in commerce (yes you do…pretty much EVERYONE does),
you are violating the golden rule. You know, the rule that states ANY name that is used in
commerce MUST be filed with the SOS. B-I-N-G-O. Do you see it now? Do you see how
everyone is doing this to themselves by voluntarily stating that legal name is them? How can a
man or woman be a legal entity? They can’t which is exactly why the government can do
ANYTHING they wish to you until you comply with that golden rule. You give that judge total
discretion to throw you in jail, fine you whatever he or she wishes and you have no say in the
matter. Even written laws don’t matter because you have failed to understand that you are acting
out of line by stating that you are a fictional entity and of course, court IS commerce. You are
pointing a gun at your own head…then pulling the trigger. This is simply an analogy but you get
my drift that when we STOP volunteering, we stop partaking in that game of commerce and are
able to prove/evidence we are a living man (or woman). How? By presenting the evidence. What
evidence? The properly filed ANC demonstrating you are in compliance with the law and your
business entity is active and in good standing. Remember, no one is forcing you to admit that the
legal name on that COLB is you, you submit to that voluntarily without realizing it.
How do you know who you REALLY are if that legal name is NOT you? I will first ask you,
“from where did you come?” The answer is that you originate from your family…your mother
and father conceive you. You were born in to a “family” and the surname of that family
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identifies where you came from. You were conceived at some point in time and the family name
is referred to outside of the legal realm as a surname, NOT a “last name”. Attorneys
intentionally confuse this name conundrum by claiming the last name and surname mean the
same thing when in fact one is “living and breathing” (the surname) while the other is “non-
living” and considered to be dead (the last name). The “last name” is LAST while the surname
is MUST be first and then followed by a comma. A First Middle Last name has NO comma or
punctuation marks, a major distinction between the two. Although they appear to be used
interchangeably, the law clearly states the distinctions by legal definition. Now you know the
family name aka surname is NOT your last name, can anyone tell me why anyone would
knowingly place their family LAST? That would be ridiculous to put your family last when
family ALWAYS comes FIRST!
The “Given Name” always follows the surname and comma (pause) because that is the name
your mother and father “gave” to you and who you are “known as”, it does NOT identify (id-
entify) YOU! Why? Because any name that id-entifies some-thing cannot be a living, breathing
man, it may ONLY identify a non-living entity i.e. a vehicle (tangible). A legal name identifies
something intangible; an Assumed Business Name Certificate identifies this entity as legally
transacting business in this state for a profit.
Shakespeare wrote a script for a play called Romeo & Juliet that refers to the “name”…
Jul. O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father, and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.
Rom. [Aside.] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?
Jul. ’Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself though, not a Montague.
What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O! be some other name:
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;
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And for that name, which is no part of thee,
Take all myself.
Shakespeare was indeed a 33rd degree mason and THIS my friends is exactly what freemasonry
is all about. Creating an illusion and then putting the truth right under your nose that would
expose that illusion to you. It’s right under your nose but you do not see it. I am exposing the
illusion and in the process, pulling back that curtain demonstrating that the almighty Oz is just a
man with a cape and a pointy hat. I have broken that curse spell and made myself free from the
bondage of my own doing. That spell has been eternally broken now, all that is left is for you to
act on it. Your actions are what define and identify you as a good man or a good woman. We all
have God’s will instilled within us and God created us to be like him, not to BE him. Our Creator
wants us to be good but for good to exist, so must the bad (evil) otherwise there would be NO
choice. Good cop, bad cop. Light and dark. Happiness and sadness. Freedom and bondage. Yin
and yang.
We are doing all of this to ourselves. All of the pain and suffering in the world shall end when
we stop partaking in what is causing our own pain. Waking up and seeing the light is the
beginning of that process. I am simply pointing you in the proper direction and showing you the
door, that’s all. The rest is up to YOU because YOU must walk through that door. I am not
attempting to persuade or convince anyone that what I am telling you here is the truth; that is not
possible because everyone MUST figure this out BEFORE it has to become knowledge and at
this stage, few if ANY people KNOW this. A ”belief” is the absence of knowledge. This is why
I do not believe ANYTHING. I either KNOW something or I don’t. If you tell someone that
you “believe” in God, what you are REALLY telling them is that YOU DO NOT KNOW.
Beliefs and entities ONLY exist in fictional realms (a realm IS something fictional) and THIS
means that government, commerce and religion are ALL fictional realms. ONLY non-living
entities may legally exist in a fictional realm such as that which constitutes government (govt. IS
an entity as well) and within which all statutes and codes exist. An entity is ALWAYS a non-
living thing. “Reality TV” in and of itself is an oxymoron because “TV” is a non-living thing
that is just staged to appear as if it were real. A license is only issued to entities.
What IS a license? This is a good one for all of you that have driver’s licenses and are somewhat
pissed that people such as myself drive every day and do not have a driver’s license or numbered
plates on the vehicles I drive. I KNOW that I do not want or need one but YOU seem to think I
do because YOU think YOU need one and you may even claim you WANT one…but after
reading this you may want to change your mind. Why? Well, this is why…the term ‘license’ is
taken from the root word for the term “licentious”. What does licentious mean? Here it is:
Simple Definition of licentious: sexually immoral or offensive
Wow, and the more complex full Definition of that word “licentious” is:
1. Lacking legal or moral restraints; especially disregarding sexual restraints (prostitution)
2. Marked by disregard for strict rules of correctness. (rule-breaker)
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So what does all of this REALLY mean and why does it even matter? Well, contrary to what
most people think, when one applies for and obtains a “license”, that license is required to break
the law. That’s right, if you do not have a license of any sort, you cannot possibly break ANY
laws. WHAT? That may not appear or seem correct to you…but it IS correct and the law spells
this out very clearly. Here is an example of this in the motor vehicle code.
California statutes and codes state that NO person shall drive a motor vehicle. Yep, that IS the
law which then goes back to that definition of “person”. If I have a “driver’s license, doesn’t
THAT provide me the right to drive/travel? Nope, it’s not a right to drive, it’s a privilege that
CAN be taken away/suspended and we KNOW this happens ALL the time, right? That driver’s
license actually makes the act of driving a motor vehicle illegal and that “privilege” may be
taken away from the licensee for any reason, or for NO reason whatsoever. All one must do is
have that ID on their “person” and that automatically makes THAT person a criminal because it
cannot be YOU! What’s in YOUR wallet? If there’s a driver’s license in there you are taking a
huge risk and probably have no idea what I am talking about. Allow me to explain.
You unwittingly gave the God given right to travel/drive and “live” when you exchanged them
all for government privileges. Yep, you did that without knowing what you were doing…we all
did though so don’t feel bad. We unwittingly waived any and ALL God given rights we may
have thought we still had by stating and “admitting” that we are a “Legal Name” and that legal
name is a once again, a non-living entity. Saying that you are a non-living entity is a big fat lie.
This may seem rather confusing…and it is. This scheme and master plan was specifically
designed to be confusing and complicated as a means to discourage someone like me from
asking relevant questions. Employee’s cannot answer many of the questions I ask them saying
that what I am saying is unintelligible and therefore, unimportant. After all, EVERYONE is
doing it so I must do it too, yes? NO. This train of thought is foolish. Just because everyone is
doing something does NOT make what it is they are doing “legal and correct” any more than
someone acting the exact opposite of everyone else makes it wrong. I am doing the exact
opposite of most of you. I do not have ANY license of ANY sort. A license is permission to do
something wrong…ergo, you MUST have one in order to break the law. If you don’t have a
license, there is no way to do something that violates a law which would normally result in the
issuance of a fine, jail, or both when YOU are found guilty. So the license is what provides the
evidence that it is your intent to break the law because without one, breaking the law is
impossible. Are you confused enough yet? Did you REALLY intend to screw yourself?
Probably not but it certainly “appears” that way to a cop. He will say “tell it to the judge” if you
argue or claim innocence. If you have a license in your wallet, you have permission to be
“licentious”, considered by definition to be lewd conduct marked by a strict disregard for the
rules of correctness. Quite honestly, that license makes you look like a perverted whore. Wow,
perhaps a license is not such a good idea then…you licentious slut!
People that label themselves “persons” with a “first middle last” name unknowingly step in to a
huge pile of crap because they have NO idea what they are doing. Remember that a license must
be applied for to that agency known as the DMV (to apply is to “beg”) and then $$$ exchanged
in return for valuable consideration. This makes the registration of a vehicle with the DMV a
business transaction “in this state” and the profit is going to the STATE, not you. Haha
Remember that nothing can be forced upon anyone and that includes a license to drive or to do
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ANYTHING else. Government employees have no obligation to tell you this but it is
intentionally omitted from the “instructions” when you request a Certificate of Live Birth. The
employee at the County Clerk or Secretary of State’s office does not know this either because if
anyone (such as me) knew, they would not be “subject” to those written laws. Your registered
legal business entity could be cited or arrested and thrown in jail but it’s NOT you so you will
NEVER go to jail. What a brilliant trick. We have been “played” and hoodwinked by the
British Accredited Registered slime and the banking elite families. But please do NOT blame
them, for it is us that have been our OWN worst enemy. You are self-destructive and don’t
know it. BRILLIANT! If one is doing something to harm themselves voluntarily and without
thought, that will ALWAYS be legal and is actually imperative for the scam/plan to work
properly. The DMV is a very compartmentalized agency in that the employees each have very
specific tasks they must complete. Carrying out that specific task may put one at risk of personal
Why those sneaky little…. Wait a minute, no pointing fingers at anyone else now, it’s YOUR
fault because you were never forced to do anything, remember, EVERYTHING is voluntary.
Well then, STOP volunteering! Aha, now fear seems to be a problem because people are afraid
to drive without a license and think if they take that “public” numbered plate off and replace that
with a “PRIVATE PROPERTY” plate, their vehicle will be taken. That numbered plate tells that
cop you are driving “PUBLIC PROPERTY” which means you are given a privilege to drive it
ONLY if you pay the rental fee to “use” it. That is called a “use tax” and people give that gift to
the DMV every year for the privilege to drive that vehicle they think they own. A man or
woman cannot OWN anything, they may possess it and control it and THAT is all I am doing.
Fear is manufactured with lies and misleading information fed to us via television and now,
social media. Our minds are bombarded with bullshit every day. Fear is actually man-made. We
are scaring the shit out of each other and then blaming one another for all the problems we are
having. This may seem crazy….and it is. Stop the madness and start living!
This paper is a lot longer than I initially wanted it to be but then all those people out there
illegally operating in the realm of commerce transacting business with licenses would never
know how licentious they really are and now realize how easy it really is to correct this problem.
Peace, Love and Light to everyone that reads this, for you are now on the right spiritual path and
know what you need to do.
Authored by:
Chief Executive Officer
Business entity ID# 824736000029
Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon
Filed: 30 April, 2015