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     Many years ago we ran a test to see if a small family could simply just get through a city privately going unnoticed from the technologies available at the time.

  • Cell phone towers
  • Traffic cameras
  • Pedestrian cameras
  • IMSI catchers
  • WIFI taggers
  • The list goes on…

We were shocked to realize that it was next to impossible without considerable effort To move through the urban environment without leaving some type of physical or digital trail.

  • Fingerprints
  • Facial recognition
  • Cell phone pinging
  • Just to name a few

The psychological contrast between being a sheep roaming around the planet and the difference of having cognitive spatial awareness with the environment was very distinct.

right to privacy

Since our testing was developed from theory to active practice we thought we would share some great tools that have helped our clients protect themselves and their data from crazy ex-lovers and the digital peeping tom’s that seem to lay in wait digitally and physically in our lives of the future.

We encourage you to drop any questions or your concerns anonymously at the bottom of this article if you need help in your particular situation.

Whether it’s invasion of privacy, your right to privacy or just data privacy communicating with your family and loved ones that you would only like to share with them and not third party servers that are trying to exploit your data for profit.

1. Case profiles
2. Grid skipping / Digital Physical Verbal
3. Relational
4. Public / Transportation
5. Private

Case Profiles

What seems to be the major malfunction?

Case 1
False accusations

Case 2
Crazy ex

Case 3
False or unjustified reporting to credit

Case 4
Evictions and Bankruptcies

Case 5
Starting over / Border jumpers / Grid skippers

Digital Dueling

Mobile phone management:

1. Brand New phone paid with cash with no sim card
2. Anonymous “Data plan” only (The best unlimited data plans We like Tello)
3. Anonymous Rocket.Chat install on private server to own your Communications (We can provide it to you for $149 out the door, Requires $15 a month subscription, ask us how!)
4. Signal app with proxy/username (no sim cell number app accts)
5. Try to use open source alternatives to third-party apps so you control the data https://www.opensourcealternative.to/

Physical – World Walking

1. Daily out and about: If you don’t need it don’t take it with you (phone, ID etc).

Obviously the idea of not taking a phone with you get into responsible adult conversations with the partners in your life that will revolve around boundaries and trust. These are great conversations to have and maybe necessary in order to mitigate any privacy concerns you have with digital demons looking over your shoulder.

For example if you don’t take your phone or identification with you you can’t give something to someone that you don’t have. How can you give the IMSI catchers

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMSI-catcher) any data at every stoplight, restaurant or business you go to if you don’t have your phone on you.

If you don’t have any state identification on you then you’re unable to contract with your birth or assumed name with corporate bullies that try to exploit your trust.

You are the beneficiary of the ALL CAPS birth name you were given and it is separate from you the living person. Check this out: https://www.educatedinlaw.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Living-in-the-Private.pdf

Most companies and agencies want you to admit to being the TRUST NAME so they can tap the funds from it without your knowledge.

2. Depending on your circumstances before “crossing over” a.k.a. “Crossing the river” anything with a microchip has to be sold, left purposely in public (free false trails), or thrown away.

Anything that can connect to a network like a wireless computer mouse, phone, laptop, desktop, anything at all needs to be removed from your physical use.

3. Physical interactions:

Depending on your circumstances a few extreme examples would be:

When sitting at a table bring a water bottle with you and your own fork. Wear long sleeves. With only your long sleeves ever resting on the table you can drink YOUR water (If you need to: buy alkaline water and if anybody says you can’t bring your outside water ask them if they provide alkaline water and you have a medical condition that requires it) and eat food off of the plate with YOUR fork without ever leaving fingerprints in the area.

When pushing buttons in public like in elevators, use the back side of your knuckles to push buttons If you need to wave your hand across a sensor to open a door use the back side of your hand and press open the gate with the back side of your other hand
When you’re opening doors, opt for the automatic doors.

If opening with your hand smear the prints By squeezing your fingers across the handles as they slide to the end or around the knob. When opening do the same or with a handle use your pinky and slide your pinky off of the handle once the door is opened.

Alternatively, you can wear surgical gloves in the particular color of your skin tone from any sources online like Alibaba or Amazon.

If you’re engaged in driving and transportation keep a face mask on you at all times innoticketkit-3d-cover your pocket so you’re able to put it on your face if you’re ever approached (You know, wink wink, To protect you from the viruses) and have the FREE No Ticket Kit on you: https://noticketkit.com/


Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things you may ever have to do in your life. Everyone’s situation is different and only you know the absolute correct path to follow to commit to the best outcome.

For example:

If you’re going to open the hole in your face called a “mouth” at all, and admit anything on purpose when someone asks you who or what you are, only use one word if you can help it.

However, the best method is to get used to saying the following statement:

I don’t answer questions“.

By saying your first and last name you’re admitting to something that you don’t understand the gravity of (ref: Living in the Private: https://www.educatedinlaw.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Living-in-the-Private.pdf ). Since you’re legally unable to personally verify your surname aka last name why bring it up. Additionally, always remember that the living man or woman has authority over all statutory corporations and municipalities anywhere on the planet.

In common law you can call yourself whatever you like any day of the week since you own yourself.

Ask for the Common Law Name Change Kit for FREE HERE.

For example if you’re married more than likely your wife calls you “Honey” or your husband calls you the same. You have been called that so many times every day for so long you can honestly tell someone if they ask you what your name is, “Honey”.

When you’re talking with representatives from corporations, Like state or local corporate authorities they want you to consent to contract by knowing what your first and last name is associated with the Trust attached to your birth certificate. If they don’t have it they can’t contract with you.

A few simple statements you can make to anybody that you don’t like or don’t want to talk to no matter who they are is:

  • I don’t consent to contract with you”
  • “I am Private property”
  • “You don’t have permission to touch me”
  • “I do not consent”
  • “I am not legally obligated to provide you papers”
  • “This is not Nazi Germany”

Keep repeating these simple statements over and over to absolute any question asked.

Additionally, if you trademark any name you are using you can make anyone personally liable to tens of thousands of dollars in fines if they use your name without your permission. Ask us how HERE.


Depending on your circumstances unfortunately you might just have to silently say goodbye in your head to potentially anybody and everybody in your life.

If your situation Requires it you may have to express your love for the people in your life by not telling them anything about your plans and intentions.

In most relationships that we get into as we grow we get in the habit of sharing everything with the people in our life whether it’s posting on social media or sharing new changes in our life with our family and friends.

It sometimes can feel very awkward by withholding things that were involved in simply because we want to share it by habit.

You become psychologically stronger by withholding and it can be a very rewarding experience.

Especially if you have a crazy biker gang after you or a psycho ex that wants your head on a spit for whatever reason.

The sooner you get a faraday bag and put your new crossover items in it the sooner you will be prepared for crossing the river to your new life.

“Crossover items”

1. New cell without sim
2. Data plan only card https://www.tomsguide.com/best-picks/best-unlimited-data-plan
3. It is 100% required that you only have a data plan and it can’t have a phone number attached to it. Sim cards are apart of the SS7 switch that does not require a warrent to access data on the sim network basicly everyone is on and uses.

If you get rid of the flaws of SS7 and the layers above, law enforcement would be very sad. They like the stingray devices they use and the sheep using things they can easily eavesdrop and MitM attack. It isn’t just the “bad guys” enjoying our widespread, vulnerabilities.
4. Cash or crypto (Atomic wallet lets you own your Crypto keys So even if exchanges go down you still own your digital money)
5. A Legal New Credit File from one of the only legit providers on the net: https://legalnewcreditfile.com/
6. Common sense

What is a CPN
Public / Transportation

For travel If you’re going to continue traveling via cycle or personal conveyance commonly known as an automobile get the “No Ticket Kit” at: https://noticketkit.com/ for FREE (while it lasts).

If you’re going to get into relationships with people make sure that you have either a legal new credit file to be able to contract with in getting an apartment or vehicle (Mentioned above) or have your partner sign and pay for things while you pay extra in order for them to do it (knowingly or unknowingly) depending on your circumstances.

If facial recognition is a concern for you (in the USA) make sure to check for updated cameras in the areas that you frequent at the following link: https://www.banfacialrecognition.com/map/


We hope this helps!We dare you to leave a comment here about your situation that we can’t answer.

Challenge us by dropping a question here that will not only help you but help others in extreme situations.



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