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Now, for the first time ever, starting a business has never been easier, with all necessary startup compliance requirements and many additional services provided in one place.

The crucial decision remainsBusiness-Credit-Certified-1

Would you prefer to embark on a challenging, costly, and unpredictable journey that might not succeed, or opt for a streamlined path to develop your business confidently alongside a partner committed to realizing your vision every day?

What your about to see below has NEVER be provided by another company online. The reason? It demands genuine effort and unwavering commitment to accomplish all tasks.

This service will NOT be found anywhere else!

Our dedication is unmatched, fueled by a fervent desire to see others succeed in leaving a legacy in their path.



  • The features and services we offer below CANNOT be found anywhere else on Earth!
  • We dare you to find anyone providing all of the inclusive services we offer below.



  • By covering our service charge, you empower us to manage every aspect of your business setup process, including registrations, regulatory compliance, and payments for all necessary services. This enables you to concentrate fully on your company’s mission.




Already have a business with just the basics set-up? 
No problem! Save $500 on an established business.


  • build business credit business fundingHave someone else pay all the Business Startup Fees 
  • build business credit business fundingFund your payroll
  • build business credit business fundingFinance Equipment and production assets
  • build business credit business fundingReceive high-limit credit cards for all needs
  • build business credit business fundingDiscover multiple lines of credit and leverage all of them
  • build business credit business fundingAdvertise your business and run marketing campaigns
  • build business credit business fundingBusiness Grants Step-By-Step with letters & instructions
  • build business credit business fundingInvest in real estate
  • build business credit business fundingHelp you register for the new Corporate Transparency Act (CTA, BOI)

          Business Credit is credit that is obtained in a Business Name. With business credit the Business builds its own credit profile and score. With an established credit profile the business qualifies for higher tier credit while you continue to build business credit.

We help you understand and meet underwriting requirements that lenders and credit issuers have so you will get APPROVED depending on your current EIN’s legal position.

We can get credit with NO PG if you have personal credit issues. Additionally, we can set up a hybrid Credit Privacy File as a PG on the new Corporation to protect your SSN credit file for retirement.

We assist in establishing you build business credit for your EIN with 1st tier Trade line Approvals and 2nd tier Business Card Approvals based entirely on your business credit.

No matter who you are or where you come from our business advocacy program gets you ready for funding!

In reality, every business is different and corporate credit is not one-size-fits-all.

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     We can register a secondary credit number with the IRS to use as the Personal Guarantor that has a 700+ FICO score.

You will have Triple the borrowing power since your SSN credit will be separate from your Credit Privacy File / PG’s business credit & PAYDEX© Profile.

Your company has an individuality that sets it apart from every other business on your street, in your town, and around the world.

  • You want to establish a Business Credit PAYDEX© Score ASAP!
  • You need a strategy that gets your company the credit it deserves while reducing personal liability legally.

  • You deserve one-on-one attention that addresses your specific goals from a team that has helped establish and build business credit successfully with many successful businesses over the years.

  • You can have confidence in our specialized training and experience. You don’t want to take a chance on spending a lot of time and a lot of money on a business build out only to realize the business was set up the wrong way for your needs.

  • You get private group support plus the following foundational services and documents

build business credit business fundingExpedited LLC filing

build business credit business fundingRegistered Agent

build business credit business fundingLLC Membership Certificates

build business credit business fundingArticles of Organization

build business credit business fundingEIN Document for printing (PDF)

build business credit business fundingOperating Agreement

build business credit business fundingOnline Notary Credit for Operating Agreement (if needed)

build business credit business fundingAnnual Worry-Free Compliance

build business credit business fundingCommercial Address on Business Filings

build business credit business fundingBusiness mail forwarding

build business credit business fundingBusiness Documents Library


  1. build business credit business fundingComplete all public commerce procedures To effectively post Your Business Credit Score & get you Business Funding up to $10,000 in as soon as 5-weeks from service start date *Restrictions apply
  2. build business credit business fundingRegister Business with all necessary agencies per company CTA/SIC/NAICS designation with low risk score ($500 value)
  3. build business credit business fundingWe pay: We cover all Secretary of State filing fees, domain name, hosting, business listings, 800 number, business address, registered agent service, business logo, and social media setups ($600 value).
  4. build business credit business fundingUp to 1,500-word approved press release for distribution to over 420 premium news outlets, allowing you to feature ‘As seen on’ news citations on your website and advertising, including CBS, FOX, etc. ($300 value) (Buy separate HERE)
  5. build business credit business funding500+ Public Records Business Listing Submissions with user/pass Excel Sheet (local citations will improve your Local Business search ranking, Geo-tag approved image on Every listing ($150 value)
  6. build business credit business fundingUp to (6) Business Social Media Accounts, Profile image & cover, Website integration, Action plan ($120 value)
  7. build business credit business fundingBusiness Niche Keyword Research with Competitor Analysis so you know exactly what you need to out rank your competition local or national ($200 value)
  8. build business credit business fundingProfessional Business Domain & Email Service setup ($50 value)
  9. build business credit business fundingCustom website with up to 12 pages (or additional pages for existing websites, such as professionally written articles), including design, maintenance, redesign, and page tuning assistance ($1,200 value).
  10. build business credit business fundingNEW What good is a website without traffic? You also get our Traffic Booster Package with white hat Off-Page SEO, which includes a total of 4,500 backlinks (900 Tier 1 backlinks and 3,600 Tier 2 backlinks), up to 10 keywords, 100% DoFollow backlinks, permanent backlinks, premium indexing, and a detailed report. Need it for another site? Buy separately for $250 HERE)
  11. build business credit business fundingCreate approved Professional Modern Business Logo Concepts + Jpeg and PNG file with 3 revisions ($125 value)
  12. build business credit business fundingAdditional 500+ Premium Google safe targeted keyword Back-links from high domain authority websites to easily rank your website with exclusive link indexer ($150 value)
  13. build business credit business fundingAdvanced SEO Tactics – Excel 245 point checklist ($250 value)
  14. build business credit business fundingProper DUNS Registration and SBSS Connect
  15. build business credit business fundingBusiness Bank Accounts Curated Approval List
  16. build business credit business fundingOptions for industry-specific trade accounts that will suit your company’s needs
  17. build business credit business fundingInstructions and assistance throughout the credit-building process
  18. build business credit business fundingProvide the required website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions legal documents/pages to get your credit card processing approved and engage legally in commerce.
  19. build business credit business fundingHelp you obtain five Tier 1 and five Tier 2 Net Trade Accounts.
  20. build business credit business fundingPG / non PG curated credit issuers list
  21. build business credit business fundingNEW BONUS! Business Grants Step-By-Step with letters & instructions
  22. build business credit business fundingHelp getting you Funding!


  1. build business credit business fundingLNCF – THE SECRET TO WEALTH Volume #1 – Establish Your Business Advanced Methods (68 pages) The Credit, Banking, & Asset Secrets of the Elite
  2. build business credit business fundingLNCF – THE SECRET TO WEALTH Volume #2 – Advanced Business Credit Step-By-Step (92 pages) How to Build $50K+ in Business Credit
  3. build business credit business fundingExtra Bonus Guide: “9 Steps to Getting up to 100K in Funding in 90 Days”
  4. build business credit business fundingCDFI Business Lenders List 2024
  5. build business credit business fundingAuto Loan In Business Name Method
  6. build business credit business fundingEquipment Financing List
  7. build business credit business funding(NO PG) Business Credit Accounts List
  8. build business credit business funding(NO PG) Business Credit Cards List
  9. build business credit business fundingVehicle Financing Lenders List
  10. build business credit business fundingBusiness Accounts Status & Approval Tracker
  11. build business credit business funding1000 LENDERS LIST + Gov Grants List
  12. build business credit business fundingCorporate Transparency Act Ready (CTA, BOI) PDF


current example of A website we built for one of our clients


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Start with 50% Down

Down Payment $1,247.50

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Business Development Services
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Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,


(3) decades ago, we all embarked on our entrepreneurial journey.

It was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks, with plenty of unsolicited advice from the sidelines.

Along the way, we encountered a pivotal realization: our initial lack of proper knowledge was a significant barrier to our success.

Understanding the essentials was not just an obstacle we had to overcome; it was the cornerstone of our business achievements.

We learned to work hard, but the real game-changer was learning to work smart—a concept we initially knew nothing about.

Driven by a curiosity to uncover the secrets of successful entrepreneurs, we dove pexels andrea piacquadio 840996deep into the world of business.

Countless hours later, we mastered website building, leveraged advanced SEO strategies, navigated the complexities of business registration, and decoded the essentials of fast-tracking business credit—all crucial skills that propelled our ventures.

pexels rebrand cities 1367272 1After creating several multimillion-dollar businesses and briefly flirting with retirement, we realized our true passion lies in the throes of entrepreneurship. We decided to compile our wealth of knowledge into a comprehensive, done-for-you business startup package designed to eliminate the guesswork for fellow entrepreneurs.

Imagine having a polished, profit-ready business setup waiting for you, complete with a fully optimized website, advanced SEO, business listings, press releases, and much more. Our package also includes vital market insights and social media setup, ensuring you’re primed for credit approvals and poised for success in your desired niche.

Presenting our Business Credit Build Out Package—your all-in-one solution to launching a successful business, backed by our proven methods and insider knowledge.

cpn reviewsHearing feedback like, “I am highly grateful for your dedication and service to our vision,” fuels our commitment to transforming our clients’ dreams into reality, often turning them into lifelong friends.

We’re more than just a service; we’re a community passionate about empowering small businesses. Whether you’re rekindling your entrepreneurial spirit or sketching out business plans over coffee, we’re here to guide, mentor, and support you.

Why not reach out? At worst, you’ll gain invaluable insights with no strings attached—a win in our book. Plus, we relish any opportunity to talk shop. Beyond the financial rewards, helping others succeed is the most exhilarating experience we’ve discovered.

May your entrepreneurial path be blessed,

Your Serial Entrepreneur Team,


rent an apartment with a CPN Number“I just have to say I am highly grateful for your dedication and service to my vision sir. It means more than I can express through an email, phone call or text, not only to me but my family and those I consider family as well 🫡🙏🏾🫱🏼‍🫲🏾🍾📑”

Date of experience: 2023-01-15

Authorized User“Thanks! We plan on retaining LNCF as our private business/financial mentor & resource hub. I foresee the next 1 or 2 years working closely and aggressively with you to build & scale multiple businesses… I also want to broker some if not most of the services LNCF offers since service reliability is important to my network 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾”

F.J. Founder & CEO | Date of experience: 2023-9-25

Authorized User CPN Generator Software CPN Number Generator“Thank you. Everything looks goods. Please proceed with the Public records submission. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. You guys are very professional. Thank you again.”

J.W. Date of experience: Jan 25, 2023

You can trust your brand with us regardless of the type of business you want or have. Here is a brief description of some of the services that we offer to our clients below:

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Legal New Credit File

The legal team at TMMinistry of Civil Affairs© PMA A/K/A LNCF Stands as a beacon of hope for the traditional consumer. Comprising a dynamic association of members who operate as Attorneys-in-Fact for our PMA registered members, each brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to the table.

With backgrounds in corporate law, civil rights, and criminal defense, they offer comprehensive legal services that cater to everyday people. Their mission is to provide legal clarity about consumer privacy while upholding the values of integrity, transparency, and client-focused service.

Since its inception, LNCF has made significant strides in the legal community, earning trust for their innovative approach to complex contract challenges in the privacy space.

The team’s collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of their success, allowing them to leverage their individual strengths in a unified strategy. Whether navigating high-stakes client transitions or offering in-depth consulting services, they remain committed to making a positive impact in the lives of their clients and the broader American community.