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How would you like to be seen as the #1 Authority in your Niche by getting Published on FOX, NBC and CBS?

We write and provide press release distribution services on elite news sites

QUESTION: Can I use “As Seen On ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, USA Today, Market Watch, Benzinga, AP News, Digital Journal” logo after the press release is published?

ANSWER: Yes, its common practice to use them in this way.

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Get your press release published on Elite News Sites and hundreds of other news and media sites.

You can share your Press Release with us to submit, or we will write one for you.

We have industry professional writers and editors that have been in the industry for many years and have worked with many different authors and publishers. Our skills include press release writing, news release writing, and submitting press releases to various media outlets. We are also proficient copywriters and have experience crafting marketing materials.

After your approval we will submit your press release distribution on sites like : Marketwatch, Benzinga, AP News, Newsmax, Asia One Google news, Bing News, Business Insider and 500+ of other news and media sites.

Here is an example report page that you will get. Keep in mind there are many more pages with links than what is shown here for your press release distribution.

Press Release Example

QUESTION: Are press release distributio to publications permanent? Are the links dofollow?

ANSWER: MarketWatch keeps your press release distribution live for 3 months, Press releases on premium outlet news sites in the report are live for 6 months and the rest are permanent. Yes, most of the sites are dofollow.

With our Press Release Distribution service you are going to get 500+ backlinks to your website from high Domain Authority websites that will boot your websites search ranking and traffic.

Press Release Distribution services are one of the main ways people are able to boost their businesses public image and embolden credibility in the niche they are apart of in commerce.

QUESTION: Can I include images/google maps/youtube video & hyperlinks in the press release?

ANSWER: Yes, up to 5 hyperlinks, 3 images and 1 google map OR youtube video can be included in the press release.

As mentioned before this service benefits your website in terms of SEO and rankings.

One of the core advantages of our service is increased rankings on Google as you will receive a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks from high authority media sites! However, we can not guarantee an increase in rankings as there are numerous other factors involved as well with your website.

Press release distribution service:

What you will get?

  • Press Release Writing from a pro
  • Press Release Distribution to 500+ top media sites which MAY include Bing & Google News.
  • Option to include photos and videos
  • Quick delivery
  • Complete Report with live links to your press release
  • Google News Indexed Guaranteed!
  • Instant Visibility, Credibility & Authority
  • SEO Boost



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