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Q: What is

A: Legal New Credit File © is a service that makes it simple to start and grow your very own new consumer credit file with a new FICO score via the guidance of The 1974 Privacy Act Law — as well as add a new source of revenue to your existing personal or business credit.

  • Do you need a new apartment or vehicle?
  • Do you need new lines of credit or get the latest phones?
  • We provide you with a new consumer credit file & the knowledge that empowers you, even if you have had zero experience or success managing your credit.
  • Ready to leverage your new credit to start that new business or quit your 9-5 job? We will help you be legal, add credit and manage your legal new credit file successfully!
  • Our CPN Numbers are guaranteed and scanned by an Attorney from being any other entities ever. We want you to feel confident building on your New Credit File.
  • Easy $15,000 car loan, (2+) iPhone 14’s or equivalent without a hard inquiry, $3,000 in immediate credit, access to a new property if your current living conditions are unacceptable and much more.
  • Interested in building your own CPN’s & Training? Go HERE
  • Want to use your CPN as the Personal Guarantor on a new Business with up to $10,000 in credit in 5 weeks? Go HERE
  • The information you put into the Registration Form can be your original contact information and does not need to be the new Phone Number & New Email Address we need to start your file.