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Should I register MY CPN with the IRS?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you may or may not choose to register your CPN with the IRS

       A reason you might want to register your CPN with the IRS is to take advantage of adding the CPN profile onto an LLC as a personal guarantor.

Building personal and business credit at the same time will allow you to double your borrowing power while building a successful business and being protected from any controversy at the same time.

If you are interested in building out a business then please check out our Business Building package HERE. We take care of ALL the set-up registrations and payments for all services so you can focus on your companies mission.

Additionally, you may NOT want to register your CPN with the IRS because you are looking to retain the privacy that comes inherent in a privacy profile.

Keep in mind a few important legal positions you already poses.

In Common Law it is legal to start calling the entity that is YOU anything you like, at any time, any day of the week, at any-point in your living life cycle.

Its true! You OWN YOU! You can call yourself whatever you like.

Is Filing My Name Change In Court Required?

Not in most states, but it’s helpful. Common Law allows you to legally change your name simply through usage. You can choose a name and just start using it in social settings and in your business. This can be a completely legal name change.

Moreover, you can establish a common law copyright with your new name that can be defended in the state or jurisdiction you live in.

Ask us for the copyright kit. It’s FREE!

The common law copyright does not need to be filed unless you want to formally file it and the common law copyright still can be defended.

Your Common Law Copyright paperwork comes with the “Register your CPN with the IRS” package below!

Better to be on the safe side of matters while you engage in business.

Registering your profile with the IRS is the next level of protection on your CPN profile if you ever need to use it for property, interest-bearing bank accounts, businesses or verification.

Also this process increases your public records significantly.

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You have universal, international & UNLIMITED rights to contract as a living breathing human being!

LNCF recommends registering your CPN with IRS so as to make sure you are legally registering the number A/K/A the juristic “Person” as a Trade Name in commerce to avoid any issues down the road and establish separation between the human (you) and the fictional entity.

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  • You will have incorporated your NAME with the CPN Number Trade Name and established separation from the fictitious entity and the human (you) to limit your personal liability in privacy file management. 🛡️
  • Your EIN allows you the ability to pay taxes on any interest or earnings that you’ve made under your CPN. 💼📈
  • You will NOT merge your CPN file data with your IRS registration data for future 3rd party account registrations. 🚫🔗
  • Sleep well knowing that you’re keeping things legal & lawful! 😴👍

Service to Register your CPN with the IRS legally: $125.00

***Payment will be collected over the phone during business hours after submission of this form.***

**specific power of attorney**

Specific Power of Attorney
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Supreme Court of the United States 1795, “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54),

When we decide to understand the power of the natural living being in this plane of existence we can better find the appropriate posture to deal with the corporate fictions that present themselves to us for consideration.

In as much as it is important to stay honorable in ones contracts it is all together another to allow one to be taken advantage of by monetary widgets of any system of contract management.

You need to have a document that produces legal standing for you showing the separation from your human living breathing self and the fictitious credit partner you engage with in commerce as you contract publicly.

When your register your credit privacy file with the IRS as a credit partner it establishes a lawful standing via syntax of the relationship between the human partners fictitious entity that is doing business.

Your credit partner, all caps trade name “JOHN SMITH” and Credit Privacy Trade Number “123-45-6789” will be registered to legally do business in commerce producing separation in contracts.

Additionally, when registering your CPN with the IRS you establish first mover position on your TRADE NAME / CREDIT PRIVACY NUMBER which supports all your contracts publicly.

The chances of you needing to produce your IRS CPN Registration document and explain the context with which your trade names have been published is nill with your typical paper pusher.

If you are planing to build a business on your CPN profile or deal in large cash or balance transfer transactions, then yes you want to register your CPN with the IRS.

If you are looking to rent an apartment or get an automobile you may think, “No big deal” maybe I don’t need to register my name/number however, we tend to think about things to go right and not when they go wrong.

Would you like to have legal standing and separation on the apartment lease or auto loan in the event of a flood or accident? $130 IRS CPN registration service fee with us is VERY cheap legal insurance.

POA (Power of Attorney) needed for service

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A copy of the “Specific Power of Attorney” are provided for your review.


Specific Power of Attorney

BE IT ACKNOWLEDGED that I, ______________________________

                                                                              Full Name

________________________________, the undersigned, do hereby grant a limited and

                  Social Security Number

specific power of attorney to __LNCF a.k.a. TMMinistry of Civil Affairs© PMA___

Address: The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies

Phone: (800) 597-2560 as my attorney-in-fact.

Said attorney-in-fact shall have full power and authority to undertake and perform

only the following acts on my behalf:

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1. _YES/NO_Log into my email and verify account registrations from public records_

2. _YES/NO_Register my CPN with the IRS_______________

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4. _YES/NO_Additional request:_________________________

The authority herein shall include such incidental acts as are reasonably required to

carry out and perform the specific authorities granted herein.

My attorney-in-fact agrees to accept this appointment subject to its terms, and agrees

to act and perform in said fiduciary capacity consistent with my best interest, as my

attorney-in-fact in its discretion deems advisable.

This power of attorney is effective upon execution. This power of attorney may be

revoked by me at any time, and shall automatically be revoked upon my death, provided

any person relying on this power of attorney shall have full rights to accept and reply

upon the authority of my attorney-in-fact until in receipt of actual notice of revocation.

Signed this ______________ day of ___________________, 20_____.


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For Clients

Caution: This is a release of legal rights. Read and understand it before signing.

LNCF is a provider of financial education and data services. References to LNCF (“LNCF”) include all of its officers, officials, employees, volunteers, students, agents, and assigns.

I ______________________________, freely choose to participate in the | LNCF Program Services (henceforth referred to as the “Program”). In consideration of my participation in this Program, I agree as follows:

RISKS INVOLVED IN PROGRAM: (Specific potential dangers in the Program’s activity.)

 I understand that I am responsible for all activities and data in my possession associated with LNCF services and that I will do my best to respect the financial relationships I am awarded during management of the powerful new data I come to poses by way of LNCF offerings.   

REGISTER CPN WITH IRS: I have been advised to register my CPN with the IRS with regard to my legal new credit file. I state that I am choosing to opt-out of participation in this Program. I will be managing the privacy and use of my new privacy file in accordance with my own rights and needs outside of the IRS database.

I recognize that the LNCF program is trying to make my data as legal and safe for my use as possible and I assume all risk and responsibility therefore in not associating my data with the IRS. In case I change my mind during my participation in this Program, I authorize in advance any representatives of the Program to secure registration with the IRS with my original SSN (Social Security Number) on the POA (Power of Attorney) they provided me. LNCF may (but is not obligated to) take any actions it considers to be warranted under the circumstances regarding the services I purchase to make my privacy file as secure and as legal as necessary to protect the public interest as well as secure the best financial situation I intend to accrue while managing my new privacy file, now, and for many years to come. Such actions, as not registering with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), do not create a special relationship between LNCF and me. I release LNCF, its officers, officials, employees, volunteers, students, agents and assigns from all liability for any damage I sustain as a result of any misuse I personally intend resulting from my participation in the Program, as well as any decision or recommendation made by an employee or agent of LNCF. I agree to pay all expenses relating thereto to my financial decisions with my new privacy file and release LNCF from any liability for any actions.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Knowing the risks described above, and in voluntary consideration of being permitted to participate in the Program, I agree to release, indemnify, and defend the LNCF Program and their officials, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, sponsors, and students from and against any claim which I, the participant, or legal guardian or any other person may have for any losses, damages or injuries arising out of or in connection with my participation in this Program.

SIGNATURE: I indicate that by my signature below that I have read the terms and conditions of participation and agree to abide by them. I have carefully read this Release Form and acknowledge that I understand it. No representation, statements, or inducements, oral or written, apart from the foregoing written statement, have been made. This Release Form shall be governed by the laws of The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies which shall be the forum for any lawsuits filed under or incident to this Release Form or to the Program. If any portion of this Release Form is held invalid, the rest of the document shall continue in full force and effect.

PRINT NAME:_____________________




Common law of confidentiality in association with scientific & statistical data research operations is employed to secure data that is to be co-mingled publicly to secure access to public and private commercial parties of interest.

Research conducted is only used to support legitimate research activities considered to be in the public’s specific requests and best interests.

POA’s (Power of Attorney’s) are maintained in accordance with the public interest in data research and statistical probabilities of success with each client.

Freewill requests are accepted and initiated on behalf of “the People” with unlimited powers to contract with specific data analysis execution algorithms exchanged on the public forums commonly accessible on/offline.

Our organizational assurances are in addition and combination to the controls research participants have in the use of their personal data through the normal data research consent process.

Our DPOs (Data Privacy Officers) ensure that the policies and procedures in place in our organization are appropriate to manage the risks posed to all data subjects (including research participants a.k.a. public clientele).

We feel informed, voluntary and fair consent is the cornerstone of ethical research and data analysis involving people. It is a mechanism, to ensure the rights of individual participants can be respected. It is through the consent process that data research participants can understand what taking part in a specific study will mean for them, so they can make an informed choice and feel able to express their wishes with us.

Data protection law requires us to be fair and transparent in how we process personal data. In other words, we must be open and honest with research participants about how we intend to use personal data, and the types of data we will be using with their privacy file. The consent process, whilst not being the only way, aids us in transparency and fairness for our research participants clientele. That is why we choose to have a confidential open and transparent consultation with all our participants.

Common law is no less important than statute (i.e. law that is written down in Acts, Regulations, etc.). You should be aware that our respect for the duty of confidence when accessing or sharing confidential information with our clients while undergoing research, will not change.

Your information is considered confidential in law if:

It can be related to an identifiable individual (similar definition of identifiable as used for personal data, but personal data can only relate to a living person, confidential information can relate to the living or deceased), and

It is not in the public domain (no such limit is placed on the definition of personal data), and

It is given with the expectation that it will be kept confidential. Individuals do not have to be explicit about their expectations, when entrusting others with their information: this expectation is often implicit, given the relationship the individual has with us.

When an individual entrusts our research team with personal & confidential information, our team will handle the data in line with ‘reasonable expectations’.

Robustly anonymised information can be shared without having to consider reasonable expectations (Information has to be identifiable to be subject to the common law of confidentiality). Like with new privacy files used by research participants.

There are specific times when we may wish to share confidential information, for example to prevent a crime from being committed and/or where there are safeguarding concerns. In such cases, disclosing the information rather than keeping it confidential, best serves the public interest. The common law does allow disclosure when it is in the overwhelming public interest, even if the person involved might not expect this.

Putting it all together

Consent to participate in data research is at the heart of ethical research. Discussions about participation, and the information provided during the consent process, can help ensure that data is transparently held and used for ongoing research. Informed consent helps us act fairly and transparently, as required by data protection law. Consent helps us manage expectations in terms of who has access to confidential information (common law) as we process your data.

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