Recent SMS Conversation with a Client

The following conversation was copy & pasted from a recent conversation we had with a client that had all the right questions before getting started.

Personal information the client provided during the conversation was removed for their privacy.

Hello! My name is (left intentionally blank) I want to get more info on how the process works

Yesterday at 5:44 AM

Sure, you need a new phone number and email you have never used before. Then we create your file. You verify all the data and then we send over for 100+ public records submissions. Scores take 3-4 weeks to post.

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:50 AM

You get your new file within 24 hours

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:50 AM

OK so it’ll be 3-4 weeks before I can use the cpn number?

Yesterday at 5:51 AM


You ◦ Yesterday at 5:51 AM

public records have to marinate for 10 days

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:52 AM

The balance payment on the file pays for the tradelines that come with the package.

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:52 AM

Ok got cha!

Yesterday at 5:53 AM

Why would I need a new phone and email?

Yesterday at 5:53 AM

They need not be connected with any other profile you have (social media, bank accounts etc).

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:54 AM

Also be sure to check your email. We sent you a registration confirmation

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:55 AM

Oh ok I get it. I also see on your website it says to pay half of what package you want but when do I pay the other half?

Yesterday at 5:55 AM

Yes I got the email

Yesterday at 5:55 AM

Typically people will pay the balance when the public records are complete. We allow half down since people new to our company that have not been referred to us from someone else have the opportunity to experience our service and performance before they make a full investment.

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:56 AM

When people need the trade lines to post quicker they can opt to pay everything up front so we can put the trade lines on a week or two after the file has been created

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:56 AM

I found you guys online no referral

Yesterday at 5:57 AM

Okay no problem

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:57 AM

We simply provide the half down option so people can experience getting their file and having the public records completed etc prior to making their balance payment

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:57 AM

The balance payment is used to pay for the authorized user accounts that are attached to the new credit profile

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:58 AM

Liked “We simply provide the half down option so people c…”

Yesterday at 5:58 AM

Depending on the value of the profile the value of the authorized use accounts is more or less expensive depending on the package

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:58 AM

I want the $697 package

Yesterday at 5:59 AM

Yes that’s a good package to start with and you can always upgrade later by adding better trade lines.

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:59 AM

You’re able to make your half down payment now and then you can provide us a new phone number and email address at your earliest opportunity

You ◦ Yesterday at 5:59 AM

My situation is I have a filed eviction on me now and really in need of a CPN number so I can rent a house and get out this apartment

Yesterday at 5:59 AM

We have people getting into apartments and houses literally every week with our files. With a basic package you would solve that problem.

You ◦ Yesterday at 6:00 AM

Thank you for your payment. It was a pleasure speaking with you (left blank). Here is your confirmation code again just so you have it: (left blank)

You ◦ Yesterday at 6:14 AM

I have the new phone but trying to get it activated SMH

Yesterday at 7:27 AM


You ◦ Yesterday at 7:28 AM

Got the info

Yesterday at 7:56 AM


You ◦ Yesterday at 7:57 AM

New number is (left blank) and email (left blank)

Yesterday at 7:57 AM

ok thank you. Give us a few hours to work on it.

You ◦ Yesterday at 7:57 AM

OK thanks

Yesterday at 7:58 AM

Hello, we’re just finishing up your file and the only other information we need is your driver’s license number, issue state and expiration date. Feel free to change the last four digits on your driver’s license number. This information is exclusively only used for public records submissions and for nothing else. Thank you

You ◦ Yesterday at 12:53 PM

DL (left blank)

Yesterday at 12:54 PM

thank you, and the state?

You ◦ Yesterday at 12:55 PM

(left blank)

Yesterday at 12:55 PM

How do I change the last four?

Yesterday at 12:55 PM

We will do it. You will see the data changed on your file

You ◦ Yesterday at 12:55 PM

Please check your new email account

You ◦ Yesterday at 12:58 PM

Ok got cha

Yesterday at 1:03 PM

If your data is spelled correctly can we go ahead and do public records submissions?

You ◦ Yesterday at 1:06 PM

I’m looking over it now… Everything looks good.

Yesterday at 1:07 PM

Ok we will send for public records submissions

You ◦ Yesterday at 1:31 PM

Ok great

Yesterday at 1:34 PM

What do I need to do now?

Yesterday at 2:58 PM

The email we sent you explains whats next. Also we will be sending you your excel spreadsheet of all the submissions tomorrow. Next step when your ready you can pay your balance so we can add the AU account tradeline on to your file so you can see scores post

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:01 PM

Ok I can send the remaining balance today.

Yesterday at 3:05 PM

I’m about to go back and read the email carefully

Yesterday at 3:06 PM

Yes that is fine. That way we can get trades on asap

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:06 PM

You can pay the same way

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:06 PM

Yea go ahead put your name in the comments

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:06 PM

Thank you for your business!

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:06 PM

I should be thanking you

Yesterday at 3:07 PM

When you get into your new place feel free to thank us 🙂

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:07 PM


You ◦ Yesterday at 3:08 PM

Just sent the finally payment

Yesterday at 3:31 PM

Thank you, payment confirmed.

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:33 PM

No problem, thank you!

Yesterday at 3:33 PM

When you get a minute go to and put in your new phone number

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:33 PM

use your new file data to fill out the form

You ◦ Yesterday at 3:33 PM


Yesterday at 3:34 PM

To list my phone number I put the address that you have for me, correct?

Yesterday at 4:17 PM


You ◦ Yesterday at 4:19 PM

Phone is listed

Yesterday at 4:20 PM


Yesterday at 4:20 PM

It said it will take a week

Yesterday at 4:20 PM


You ◦ Yesterday at 4:20 PM

I’m reading the CPN instructions it say to apply for brinks Mastercard. When do I apply for one or do I have to?

Yesterday at 4:36 PM

How long do I need to wait to rent a house?

Yesterday at 4:48 PM

Hello, it will take your file posting scores to show so the property management company renting you the house will see your credit data

You ◦ 6:07 AM

Your public records were completed and we will be sending you the spreadsheet in a bit.

You ◦ 6:08 AM

Please provide the new address. We can add it to the file so you dont have to do an address forward.

You ◦ 6:08 AM

Lets wait for 10 days before doing any account applications (brinks or otherwise).

You ◦ 6:09 AM

I didn’t. won’t you apply for any credit cards or loans or anything of that nature. I just want to rent a house.

6:10 AM

The address (left blank)

6:10 AM

You will do the applications on your new phone when its time. We cant fill applications out for clients

You ◦ 6:11 AM

How long do I need to wait to apply to rent a house?

6:11 AM

3-4 weeks. We need your scores to post first

You ◦ 6:11 AM

You mean credit cards and loan applications?

6:12 AM

Yes, you will manage your file and do any applications

You ◦ 6:12 AM

Will you let me know when I can apply to rent a house?

6:13 AM

Yes, when we expect you to have score you can download credit karma or other credit monitoring app and when we see scores you can go rent

You ◦ 6:14 AM

Ok that sounds good! Does it really take 3 to 4 weeks?

6:15 AM

Yes the authorized user account needs to post to your file. so 7-10 days after the closing date of the credit card account you are on is when the tradeline/s will post to your file

You ◦ 6:16 AM

We are waiting for public records to marinate so when we add the AU to your file it will pull your data through the credit databases

You ◦ 6:16 AM

Loved “We are waiting for public records to marinate so w…”

6:17 AM

Loved “Yes the authorized user account needs to post to y…”

6:18 AM

So on my new phone download credit karma now or wait?

6:19 AM

Check you email for the public records submissions file

You ◦ 6:19 AM

No credit monitoring services will not see anything yet. We just made the file and submitted public records. The public records need to marinate for 10 days as mentioned in the email we just sent so any service will be able to even see your new file data.

You ◦ 6:21 AM

in 2-3 weeks when we expect monitoring sites to see a score you will download a monitoring application

Ok got it.

6:22 AM

On the POA (Power of Attorney) it says to put my ssn. Do I put my actual ssn or my CPN?

6:22 AM


You ◦ 6:23 AM


6:23 AM

I’m about to email you back the poa so you can register my CPN with the IRS

6:23 AM

Here is the registration service with the IRS if interested:

You ◦ 6:24 AM

The cost is $130?

6:27 AM


You ◦ 6:27 AM

Is that if I do it or if you do it?

6:27 AM

We file and register your CPN with the IRS. That is what the POA is for as well as doing any email verification’s from the public records if you would like.

You ◦ 6:28 AM

So you do everything it’s $130??

6:31 AM


You ◦ 6:32 AM

If I do it will it cost me $130?

6:32 AM

Correct. You don’t have to do it, but we recommend it.

You ◦ 6:33 AM

We explain it on the register cpn with irs page here:

You ◦ 6:34 AM

What’s the purpose of it?

6:34 AM

I remember reading it

6:34 AM

We register your Credit Privacy File with the IRS, if you like, to show and prove your status and standing as first mover on the number legally in commerce. Just like registering your all caps TRADE NAME (we do that for free for you when we register your CPN with the IRS) you will own the rights to the trade name and trade number in commerce separating you from the thousands that are trying to make CPN files and CPN numbers that are initiating the wrong combination of events and not getting a positive result for all the time and money they are spending hoping the new FICO credit file will, “Be good”.

You ◦ 6:35 AM

last message was a copy and paste from a new guide we are editing

You ◦ 6:35 AM


6:36 AM

Yes register my credit privacy file for me

6:36 AM

Yes, then we send you the IRS EIN registration document attached to your CPN file

You ◦ 6:37 AM

But you don’t do that to I pay the $130, right?

6:38 AM

Or you doing it now?

6:38 AM

When you fill the POA and pay 130 we are then legally able to register your CPN with the IRS for you and then provide you the paper work

You ◦ 6:39 AM

Do I need to pay the $130 today? I don’t have it today

6:39 AM

When ever you want us to do it you can pay. Feel free to wait till the scores post in a few weeks etc

You ◦ 6:40 AM

Ok that sounds good

6:41 AM

So til then what’s my next step now?

6:47 AM

Nothing, you are good to go. Now we wait for the public records to marinate and your authorized user account to post to your new profile.

You said 7-10 business days, correct?

6:49 AM

I’m asking because I’m ready to get me and sons a house even though it’s just til I can get my ssn back on track. This apartment I’m in has really screwed my over and I have a filled eviction on me with them here so I’m going to be paying that off after I move and I have move soon

6:51 AM

we wait 10 days for the public records and then we add the AU. The AU account will have a billing cycle closing data. Depending on the specific tradeline we add to your file will determine when the 7-10 days start. For example if the closing date on the credit card account is the 15th of the month then around the 23rd-ish you can download a monitoring app and and see if your scores have posted

You ◦ 6:51 AM

Then if they have posted I can apply for house to rent?

6:53 AM


You ◦ 6:53 AM

You will let me know when it does, correct?

6:56 AM

Yes we will let you know when we are expecting the line to post so you can download a credit monitoring app and check the scores

You ◦ 6:56 AM

Do you know what my scores will be?

6:59 AM

On the Basic Package they will be 670+ you can see the different packages expected scores here:

You ◦ 7:00 AM


7:02 AM

I can’t wait, I’m so ready to move

7:03 AM

I bet 🙂

You ◦ 7:03 AM

I really am

7:05 AM

This is a tremendously big help

7:05 AM

Yes we know that in a lot of peoples circumstances that there are very limited options and we want to be sure they stay legal and get what they need.

You ◦ 7:06 AM


7:08 AM

Where did you hear about us?

You ◦ 7:08 AM

All these random emails I got over night what do I do with these

7:08 AM

I was online and came across you guys on FOX news I saw a press release

7:09 AM

The 4 emails we sent are just for your reference. Helping you manage your new file.

You ◦ 7:09 AM

Thanks so much for your help! This is really a blessing to me and my son. We have tried to get in different places and keep getting denied. It really takes a toll mentally you know.

7:14 AM

Its reasons like this that we are in business. We know what we do really helps people. We just want to be sure they can transition safely. Let us know if we can help you further whenever you have a question we will be here.

You ◦ 7:15 AM

OK thanks again!!

7:16 AM


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