Primary Tradelines

primary tradelines


Primary Tradelines Explained

A primary tradeline is a trade account that you got approved for, versus being an authorized user account. 

It’s good to have a mix of trade accounts showing on your credit report, like primary tradelines AND authorized user tradelines

What are the Benefits of Primary Tradelines?

  • Increased Credit Score
  • Get a Credit Score Posted on a legal secondary credit file a.k.a. CPN that also can get registered with the IRS for real legality of use (ask us how).
  • adding a mix of accounts for a well rounded credit profile

Primary Tradelines

How to Find Out if You Have a Primary Tradeline with Credit Bureaus

Credit bureaus are the repositories of credit information about individuals and businesses. They collect data from creditors, public records, and other sources to create a profile of your credit worthiness.

A primary tradeline is a trade line that is used to make up the bulk of your credit score. The tradeline with the most weight in your credit score will be considered the primary tradeline.

To see if the approved Primary Tradeline posted to your credit account sign up for a free credit monitoring service like: , or is a good place to start.

How to Get Yourself a Highly Desirable Primary Tradeline That Can Get Your Credit Score Posted on a CPN or Increased on a SSN Credit Profile

Most of the following Primary Tradelines report to all three credit bureaus and can get started for under $100.

Less than $100 Primary Tradelines that post to all 3 credit bureaus is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion!

Some additional recommendations we have for our clients are:

Conclusion: The Value of Primary Tradelines You Can Use To Raise Your Credit Score

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