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     Unlike other firms that rely on inexpensive software for generic email templates 📧 and limit their disputes to credit bureaus or regulatory bodies like the CFPB and FTC, 🏛 we engage in direct disputes with the actual companies listed on your credit report. 📊

By addressing and removing accounts directly at the source of the debt, 💼 we ensure that the credit bureaus have nothing to report in their next cycle, 🔄 as the account has been eliminated from the record.

     At LNCF, we are dedicated to empowering you to take control of your financial future.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to turn their dreams into reality, whether it’s buying a house, a car, or anything else you

Our commitment goes beyond mere credit repair; we are a comprehensive solution.

Our team consists of industry-leading experts and program developers who are passionate about helping you not just clear your credit but also acquire the skills needed to maintain an improved credit score for the long term.

With LNCF by your side, your financial goals are not just dreams; they are within reach, ready to become your reality.

Because many credit issuers / underwritters / businesses are unable to produce an authentic bill or legally confirm a debt, we encourage account managers to eliminate accounts to avoid legal proceedings.

When a business recognizes the likelihood of having to formally appear in court, it often leads to greater consideration for the account holder and usually results in the removal of the account.

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We like to go the extra mile for our clients👨‍⚕️
LNCF Credit Repair Service Tom W March 4th 2024

"I really appreciate what you guys have done for me.
I have tried a number of credit repair bussinesses ,
but none worked and I'm very happy that I run into
LNCF. Thank You for everything
Thank You"

LNCF Response:

We are very happy you are pleased with our service Tom!

Tom W.

March 4th 2024


     Our Credit Repair Service delivers exceptional results (see proof below).

Facing the challenges of a poor credit history can be daunting, affecting your ability to secure loans, credit cards, and even rental approvals.

However, imagine a credit repair service that not only boosts your credit score but does so without straining your finances – that’s where our “Credit Repair Service” comes in.

Our service is committed to providing top-tier credit repair assistance at a reasonable cost, acknowledging that not everyone can invest significantly in credit repair.

Our focus is to furnish outstanding service while keeping expenses minimal.Importance of Credit Scores scaled v2 Credit repair CPN number

Wondering what our “Credit Repair Service” brings to the table?

To begin with, we collaborate with you and an attorney to scrutinize your credit report, identifying and rectifying errors that may be impacting your score.

Additionally, we devise a personalized credit repair plan aligned with your unique needs and objectives.

It’s not solely about rectifying mistakes; our”Credit Repair Service” also provides guidance on boosting your credit score with guides and frequent consultations.

One standout feature of our “Credit Repair Service” is our transparency in pricing.

No hidden fees or unrealistic promises; we present straightforward and affordable pricing that is easy to comprehend.

If you find yourself grappling with poor credit and seek assistance in elevating your score, we highly recommend exploring our “Credit Repair Service.”

We are the genuine article, delivering exceptional service at an unmatched price point.

Don’t let bad credit hinder your progress any longer – seize the opportunity today to have the credit score you deserve with the support of the best “Credit Repair Service.”

*PLEASE NOTE: Starting service with us indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to our Credit Repair Terms.


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  • 💳Start with half down: $747.00 (Paid into third party escrow)
  • 💵Money Back Guarantee if No Results in 180 Days
  • 💼Credit Repair with Advanced Techniques (Direct Disputing)
  • ⚖️Attorney approved (non-template letters)
  • 3️⃣Three Major Credit Bureaus CFPB complaint filing
  • 📬Up-to $600 in Certified Mail is sent on your behalf (with tracking)
  • 🕰️ 60-90 Day Delivery for Bulk of Deletions
  • 📑Minimal Paperwork for you
  • ⚒️This is Manual Credit Repair (no software!)
  • 🚀1 Credit Certified Specialist working with attorneys on your file
  • 📝Filing for negotiations of debt upon none removals

👮‍♂️FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Report, Personal Information Freeze or Blocking (Advanced Resolution Service., CoreLogic, Lexis Nexis, Sage Stream, Chexsystem, Innovis).

Whats removed:

  • Collections
  • Chargeoffs
  • Foreclosures
  • Medical Collections
  • Late Pay
  • Repossession
  • Student loans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inquiries / Hard Inquiry Removing (all)
  • Manual Credit Repair Direct Disputing

Consider the Savings: Would you prefer to pay a service fee ranging from $1,495 to $10,000 or continue bearing a debt between $50,000 and $500,000? The choice is clear.

Please call me about your credit repair service

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I understand I am assigned an Authorized Representative to help answer my questions any time I require clarity about the service or any policy or procedure. By using our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms of Use and the contents of the Policy Menu posted on our websites footer menu below.

Feel free to read the two documents below.

When you’re ready print them out, sign them and take a picture and email them back to

Once completed we will send you a link to the escrow service that will handle your down payment for the first milestone of credit repair services from us.

Review our credit repair service description HERE

Read our credit repair service agreement HERE

*Service Fee Structure:

  1. For debts under $50,000: Refer to the previously stated price.

  2. Debts from $51,000 to $99,000: Fee is $2,395 (start with half down: $1,197.00) plus a 1% success fee for bulk deletions.

    • Example: For a successful deletion of $75,000, the total fee would be 1% of $75,000 ($750) plus $2,395, equating to $3,145.

  3. Debts from $100,000 to $249,000: Fee is $2,395 (start with half down: $1,197.00) plus a 1.5% success fee for bulk deletions.

    • Example: For a successful deletion of $150,000, the total fee would be 1.5% of $150,000 ($2,250) plus $2,395, totaling $4,645.

  4. Debts from $250,000 to $500,000: Fee is $2,395 (start with half down: $1,197.00) plus a 2% success fee for bulk deletions.

    • Example: For a successful deletion of $300,000, the total fee would be 2% of $300,000 ($6,000) plus $2,395, amounting to $8,395.

  5. For debts over $500,000: Please contact us directly for a tailored quote.

$51K+ Additional Payment Terms:

  • Unpaid balances from successful deletions will result in a lien against your credit for the owed amount, which will be removed upon full payment.

Additional payment terms continued:

  • The fees shown above are included in the terms of the signed agreement between the client and Credit Repair Service.
  • We use a Third-Party Escrow Service for your payment/s: Using an escrow service is where the client pays upfront (Like the half down deposit mentioned above) into a third-party escrow account, which releases funds to the credit repair company upon completion of the progression of milestones as outlined in the contract.

From Credit Crisis to Financial Freedom: The Life-Changing Power of Credit Repair


In today’s world, a good credit score is more important than ever before. For most people, credit is necessary to access essential needs like housing, transportation, and even employment. However, far too many find themselves struggling with poor credit and credit challenges that significantly limit their potential for financial success and upward mobility.

Poor credit closes doors and prevents access to the resources needed to achieve dreams like home-ownership, running a business, or pursuing higher education. The higher costs and lack of access that come with bad credit make it incredibly difficult to break the cycle of financial hardship.

With so much riding on credit scores, those with credit challenges often feel overwhelmed and powerless to create positive change. Damaged credit contributes to a sense of permanent financial stagnation. However, our credit repair services represent a powerful resource to help individuals restore their creditworthiness and reclaim their financial futures.

When paired with financial education and responsible habits going forward, our credit repair service lays the groundwork for long-term credit health and financial freedom.

By addressing errors and inaccuracies on your credit reports, our credit repair provides a second chance to under-served populations so they can access the credit they need to unlock new opportunities. With professional guidance on credit repair strategies, anyone can transform their financial standing and gain access to a brighter future.

Credit Score Basics

A credit score is a numerical representation of your creditworthiness, summarized from details in your credit report. Credit scores are calculated using a credit scoring model, with FICO and VantageScore being the most widely used models.

FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850. In general, a FICO score above 700 is considered good, 670-699 is fair, 580-669 is poor, and under 579 is very poor. The factors that influence your FICO credit score include:


  • Payment history (35% of score): Whether you pay your bills on time. Late payments can negatively impact your score.
  • Credit utilization (30%): The ratio between your total balances and total credit limits. Using too much of your available credit can lower your score.
  • Length of credit history (15%): How long you’ve had credit accounts open. Having a longer credit history tends to improve your score.
  • New credit (10%): Opening many new accounts in a short period can negatively affect your score.
  • Credit mix (10%): Having different types of credit accounts (credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc.) can help your score.

VantageScore credit scores also range from 300 to 850. The factors that influence your VantageScore include:

  • Payment history
  • Age and type of credit
  • Percentage of credit limit used
  • Total balances and debt
  • Available credit
  • Recent credit applications
  • Credit mix

While the models differ slightly, both FICO and VantageScore aim to provide a snapshot of creditworthiness. Monitoring your scores and the factors that affect them is key to maintaining and improving your credit standing.

Impacts of a Low Credit Score


A low credit score can have profound impacts on a person’s financial health and opportunities. Here are some of the key areas that are affected:

Access to Loans and Higher Interest Rates

  • Individuals with credit scores below 620 pay an average of $3,238 more per year in mortgage payments compared to those with excellent credit (scores above 760). [1]
  • Car insurance rates can be up to 267% higher for those with poor credit compared to those with excellent credit. [2]
  • 92% of mortgage lenders require a minimum credit score of 620 to qualify for a home loan. [3]
  • Credit cards for people with low credit scores often have interest rates exceeding 25% compared to around 15% for those with excellent credit. [4]

Higher Insurance Premiums

  • Drivers with poor credit pay 95% more on average for car insurance than drivers with excellent credit. [5]
  • Homeowners insurance rates can be up to 124% higher for those with very poor credit compared to those with excellent credit. [6]
  • Average annual savings in auto insurance premiums between drivers with poor and excellent credit exceeds $1000 in most states. [7]

Limited Rental Housing Options

  • 58% of renters were denied leases because of poor credit history, according to a TransUnion survey. [8]
  • Landlords often require credit scores of 650 or higher to approve rental applications. [9]
  • Renters with low credit are more likely to be limited to less desirable properties in terms of location and amenities.

Reduced Job Prospects

  • 47% of employers conduct credit background checks on some or all job candidates as part of hiring screening. [10]
  • Job applicants with low credit scores are 50% less likely to receive job offers compared to those with excellent scores. [11]
  • Poor credit history conveys irresponsibility and financial risk to employers.

A low credit score clearly has major detrimental impacts on access to affordable credit and insurance, quality housing, and employment prospects. Taking steps to improve credit should be a top priority.

How Credit Errors Occur

credit repair pittsburgh

Credit report errors can happen for a variety of reasons. According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, around 1 in 5 consumers have verified errors in their credit reports that could affect their credit scores. Here are some common ways these errors happen:

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the leading causes of credit report errors. When someone steals your personal information and opens new credit accounts in your name, those accounts can show up on your report as delinquent. According to the Federal Trade Commission, around 14.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2018.

Reporting Mistakes

Creditors and lenders submit information about your accounts to the credit bureaus. Sometimes they make mistakes, reporting incorrect balances, credit limits, or status updates. One study found that 79% of credit reports contained errors like these.

Unauthorized Accounts

In some cases, accounts that you never opened can appear on your credit report. This happens when creditors open accounts in your name without your approval. The 2017 Wells Fargo scandal revealed thousands of unauthorized accounts.

Mixed or Merged Files

The credit bureaus match credit information to specific individuals using names, addresses, and social security numbers. If two people have similar identifying information, their reports can become intermixed.

Outdated Information

Negative items are supposed to drop off your credit report after 7 years under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. But credit bureaus sometimes fail to remove old or obsolete information. Studies show that 1 in 4 credit reports contained outdated items.

Regularly reviewing your credit reports and quickly disputing any errors is key. With vigilance, you can minimize the impacts of mistaken, unauthorized, or fraudulent entries on your credit standing.

Credit Repair Process

Registration Complete CPN File

Our credit repair process involves several important steps to improve your credit score. Here is an overview of what you can expect when working with our credit repair service:

Step 1: Credit Report Review

The first step is to obtain copies of your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. We recommend We will thoroughly review your reports to identify any inaccuracies, errors or issues that may be negatively impacting your score. This review helps us create a customized credit repair strategy for you.

Step 2: Credit Disputes

Once we have identified potential errors or discrepancies, we will dispute these with the credit bureaus on your behalf. This may involve drafting dispute letters with evidence to have negative items removed or changed. We handle all correspondence and follow-up. Our experience with the dispute process helps us achieve results.

Step 3: Goodwill Interventions

For legitimate negative items that cannot be disputed, we will negotiate with your creditors, “direct disputing” and cite case law requiring them to remove the account or face fines etc. to have the items removed or changed. This involves non template specifically drafted legal letters that aggressively challenge their ability to provide certain proofs to validate the claim on the account/s in question.

Step 4: Ongoing Score Monitoring

Throughout the credit repair process, we regularly monitor your credit reports and scores with the major bureaus. This allows us to gauge progress and modify our strategy as needed. We won’t stop until we have optimized your score.

Estimated Timeline

Most clients begin to see real improvements in their credit reports and scores within 45-60 days. However, the process can take 3-6 months for more substantial results, depending on your specific credit situation. The key is patience and persistence. Rest assured we will continue disputing and negotiating on your behalf until your credit profile reflects your financial responsibility.

With our professional guidance, you can take control of your financial destiny. Contact us today to start your credit repair journey!

Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Analyzing and Responding to Dispute Outcomes

While you can attempt to repair your credit on your own, hiring a professional credit repair company like us can provide significant benefits. With our expertise and resources, we can help develop an effective strategy, provide time savings, and design tailored solutions to improve your credit faster.


We are a quality credit repair company and have extensive knowledge of consumer credit laws and experience dealing with credit bureaus and creditors. We understand the intricacies of credit scoring and know how to efficiently correct reporting errors that negatively impact your score. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify issues on your reports and determine the optimal solutions.

Effort and Time Savings

Repairing errors on your credit reports can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Our credit repair service has the capacity to handle the workload for you, communicating with the credit bureaus and filing disputes in a timely manner. This saves you the hassle and hours it would take to manage the process yourself. You can focus on other important areas of your life while our credit repair service works diligently on your behalf.

Customized Strategies

Every person’s credit situation is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely brings optimal results. Quality credit repair services like ours develop tailored plans to address your specific credit problems and goals. This personalized strategy improves your chances of seeing meaningful score increases quickly.

We will explain your legal rights, Our service is outlined clearly above, and we let you track progress. We are a reputable company that will truly help improve your credit. With a trustworthy partner guiding your credit repair, financial freedom is actually within reach.

After Credit Repair

800 score 3

Once your credit score has been restored through the credit repair process, it’s crucial to adopt habits that will maintain your improved creditworthiness over the long-term. Here are some tips for responsible credit management going forward:

  • Keep balances low: Carrying high balances close to your credit limits negatively impacts your credit utilization ratio. Keeping balances under 30% of your total credit limit is ideal.
  • Make payments on time:Payment history is the biggest factor affecting your score. Set up automated payments or calendar reminders to avoid missed payments.
  • Limit credit inquiries:Each application for new credit results in a hard inquiry, which can lower your score. Only apply for credit when absolutely necessary.
  • Monitor your credit report:Review your credit report regularly and dispute any errors right away to prevent inaccurate information from affecting your score.
  • Practice healthy credit habits:Such as not closing old accounts, keeping old cards active, and limiting how often you open new credit. This will help demonstrate longevity and stability.
  • Avoid cosigning loans:Taking on debt obligations that aren’t yours can backfire and damage your credit if payments are missed. Say no to cosigning.

With diligence and healthy credit habits, the benefits of an excellent credit score can be maintained long-term. Our credit repair service empowers you with the knowledge and tools to continue building your financial future.

About Our Credit Repair Service


Our credit repair service has been helping consumers improve their credit for many years. We understand the hurdles people face when rebuilding their credit, which is why our company is dedicated to guiding clients every step of the way.

With expertise across credit reporting regulations, credit scoring models, and direct creditor negotiation, our credit consultants can efficiently detect errors, develop corrective plans, and advocate for credit justice. We take pride in helping people move forward financially by establishing healthy credit.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalized service. We match each client with a credit consultant who understands their unique situation and goals. Together, they create customized game plans to address credit report inaccuracies and optimize credit profiles. Our one-on-one approach delivers proven results.

In fact, our average client sees a credit score improvement within 45 days of working with us. We have a high% success rate disputing and deleting inaccurate information. And in 2-3 months our customers have seen incorrect late payments a full accounts eliminated from their credit reports worth 100K plus.

At LNCF, we empower people to take control of their financial lives. Our greatest reward comes from seeing clients qualify for car loans, home mortgages, competitive interest rates, and other opportunities that strong credit unlocks. We look forward to helping you rewrite your financial future. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and credit score analysis.

Contact Us

At LNCF, we are committed to helping you rebuild your credit and take control of your financial future. Our team of certified credit consultants have years of experience navigating complex credit reporting systems and negotiating with creditors and bureaus on your behalf.

To get started on your path to improved credit, contact us today for a free initial consultation. This no-obligation review will provide you with expert insights into your current credit situation and a personalized plan mapping out the next steps.

Get in Touch

  • Phone: 800-597-2560
  • Email:
  • Address: Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5PM PST

Book a Free Consultation

To request your free credit evaluation and repair quote, visit our website, email or call. One of our credit experts will be in touch shortly to review your credit report, identify opportunities, and provide a detailed analysis including estimated time-frames and costs.

With our customized strategies and hands-on guidance, you can improve your credit score, qualify for better rates and terms, and unlock greater financial freedom. Reach out today to start your credit repair journey.


In summary, maintaining a healthy credit score is essential for accessing loans, securing favorable interest rates, obtaining ideal rental housing, and boosting employment prospects.

However, errors in credit reports are surprisingly common, negatively impacting many individuals’ credit scores. Our credit repair service offers the knowledge and experience to identify and dispute credit report errors on your behalf. We work directly with the credit bureaus and your creditors to remove inaccurate information from your reports.

The credit repair process can take time, but by hiring our company, you gain the benefits of our credit expertise, tailored dispute strategies, and full attention to rectifying your credit challenges. We strive to help our clients restore their creditworthiness, empowering them to gain financial freedom and work towards their monetary goals.

Don’t let credit report errors jeopardize your financial future. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation. Our dedicated credit repair specialists will evaluate your credit reports, give expert advice, and take action to dispute inaccuracies for you. Now is the time to take control and get on the path towards improved credit.

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