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Get Paid to add Authorized Users – Risk Free

We are looking to provide our clientele with credit building services.

Adding & removing 2-3 authorized users every 2 months to your each of your credit accounts is a great way to make extra money passively and enjoy zero liability to your credit file.

Buy Authorized User Tradelines 

First we pay you for adding an Authorized User to your account and then pay you again when there is proof the Authorized User has the account posted to their new consumer credit file.

If you were to provide 4-6 AU slots across 2-3 of your accounts, for example (5)xA.U. slots can pay around $1,000 on average per month (subject to the terms of your accounts standing and utilization ratio).

How it works:
We will provide you the name and credit file number of one of our clients. Furthermore, you will add the name and credit file number to your credit card account, refered to as “piggybacking” in the credit industry.

How Piggybacking Credit Works

If you have good credit and add a friend or client to one of your credit card accounts as an authorized user your payment history becomes part of the friend or clients own credit report.

For example, if you’ve had the credit card open for 10 years, the friend or clients credit report would reflect an active credit account for that time frame as well.

If the primary cardholder has a positive payment history and keeps their account balance low, the friend or client will see a boost in the credit scores and or get their score FICO credit score to post.

Method step-by-step:

Step #1: After adding an authorized user to your credit card account you will get a credit card in the mail and then you will put tape over the 16-digit credit card number and take a picture for proof of friend / client card account posting.

Step #2: You will email us the proof with the picture with the credit card with our client’s name on it. You will then recieve the agreed upon first half of the total donation we give you per AU slot you provided us for the service to our clients.

Step #3: You will then cut up the card. If you were to give the card to anyone you would be liable for the spending and credit, however since you will cut it up you will not incur any liability.

Step #4: Final donation to you is given when the client see’s the AU account post to their credit file that you added.

In a few weeks the Authorized User account will show up on our client’s credit profile which will boost their score. When they get approved for credit by having the Authorized User Account on their credit profile, they will be very happy. Also, they will be responsible for their own approvals and spending while you have the AU on their accounts since you cut up the original credit card you recieved in the mail and taped over the numbers.

Feel free to search “are authorized user accounts legal” to read all about it.

We have around many clients every week needing Authorized User Accounts on their credit profiles.

The credit card accounts we are looking for would optimally be 2 years to 20 years old in good standing with below 30% utilization. However, we are able to use Authorized User account’s with as little as 6 months in age and up to 50% utilization to still have a great effect on our clients.

If you provide accounts that are 10 years or older, you will be paid more of a premium to add the Authorized User and again be paid after it posts to the credit profile.

Your first payment/s come when we see the name of our client on the card you receive in the mail (5-10 days from adding Authorized User on your account) and the second payment to you when it shows on the client’s credit report (depends on the billing date of your card account 2-3 weeks from billing date).

We are looking forward to a great, reliable  & long relationship.

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