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Legal New Credit File™

Headquartered in Anguilla, British West Indies and Regulated by the Financial conduct Authority. Centurion Financial Services Inc A.K.A. Legal New Credit File is a credit consultation firm.

Our services’ scope is broadened to provide personalized finance managerial services, including financial planning and new consumer credit files with current methods and strategy.

Whether you are a business entity, an individual, a funding program, or a non-profit organization, a team of award-winning credit consultants at Legal New Credit File will welcome you.

We recognize the complexity and responsibilities are a subset of financial success.new credit file

Our team is dedicated to giving tailored solutions to our customers.

Let us take care of your complex financial responsibilities.

We believe in becoming associates of our customers from financial assessment to expense management, CPN files, CPN tradelines or business counseling to strategic decision-making.

Our dedicated consultants understand the business world’s dynamics and create solutions for catering to people and businesses’ changing needs.

We also help our clients in their short-term to long-term financial planning and critical assessment of financial matrices dimension-ed for improved decision-making.


Our Personalized Credit Management Services have combined unbiased advice tailored to customer’s needs, improved credit results, assistance in wealth transfer to next-generation, and wealth protection.

Depending on the client’s requirement, we take charge of financial affairs and provide managerial services to coordinate clients’ financial matters with finance professionals.

At Legal New CPN File, we take pride in serving our clients by addressing their tailored needs.

Our customer relationship pyramid is built on the strong foundations of establishing trust, mutual respect, and a lasting relationship.

We love to advocate for our clients in their financial matters as their partners, advisors, and friends.

Our CPN files offer you the freedom of a new credit report. We provide you a unique CPN number that gives you the new credit profile to start over.

Business tradelines, CPN tradelines, and financial services are legal and tailored to every customer’s needs.


LNCF’s core competency is solid financial management backed with strong teamwork.

Our teamwork for personalized solutions to clients makes us unique from our competitors.

Unlike other organizations, people at Legal New Credit File focus on providing high-quality solutions to every customer.

No matter, if you are looking for CPN numbers, CPN tradelines, or business tradelines, we offer the best solutions.

Our team efforts enable us to stand out compared to other organizations where every consultant’s personal development is his supreme priority instead of organizational development.

Our clients receive one comprehensive solution instead of receiving a combination of hit and trial methods.

Our advisory team members ensure the quality of advice and service level by acting on the client’s behalf.

Our team of professionals in accounting, banking, insurance, and legal matters provides managerial services to clients in time-taking tasks of credit affairs.

We believe in going a step ahead to facilitate our clients. Therefore, if a client wants a credit consultation in a specific niche, we recommend a pre-screened professional.

Our personalized solutions for all customers also give us a competitive edge over our competitors.

At Legal New Credit File, the workflow starts with an in-depth analysis coping with all aspects of the client’s credit, and the consequences of every decision are considered.

A detailed discussion with the client is conducted and followed by developing a mutually agreed personalized credit building strategy.

All dimensions of strategy are analyzed based on the client’s financial situation.
Our vetted professionals and research teams are always busy devising new credit management strategies to maximize our client’s success.

We believe that we don’t succeed until you do; therefore, our dedicated team is continuously improving the strategies to ensure financial efficiency in credit and funding standpoints.


→ We are a fee-based credit consultation firm.

We act in only one interest-that is the customer’s interest. Unlike other programs, our services are compensated by the client’s fee only.

Whereas other CPN programs have potentially many conflicts of interest as they charge commissions.  

→ Our advisory team members have been recognized and featured by National Publications.

→ Our core value of customers’ interest compels our consultants to work in the client’s best interest. Furthermore, unlike other firms and consultants, we at Legal New Credit Life have opted to work under law standards.

→ Our contemporary, creative, and tailored credit planning, credit repair, CPN numbers, and financial solutions have enabled us to come a long way on the journey of many years.

→ Our differentiating value is the client’s success; therefore, we accommodate all clients to provide a comprehensive solution at the lowest possible cost tailored to customers’ needs and budgets.


At Legal New Credit File, customers’ privacy is the top priority.

Our policies strictly abide by keeping our client’s confidential information private.

We take pride in the opportunity to work with our valued customers to assist them in their financial and credit needs.

Pride always comes with responsibility.

Therefore, we also owe the responsibility of keeping our client’s information confidential.

Our commitment to privacy is supported by industry-leading encryption, authentication, and network integrity solutions to fulfill our obligation with diligence.

These are fool-proof and regularly maintained and upgraded to keep our claim that customers’ success is our success.