A Legal NEW FICO File Will Keep You Out Of Prison

new credit file

A New FICO File Will Keep You Out Of Prison

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When you are ready to start a Legal New FICO File to separate yourself from your old legal fiction give us a call, but in the meantime enjoy the free gift below; 
What’s this article about?pexels camille 12457732
How to Separate yourself from the dead corporate name aka your birth TRADE NAME provided by your uninformed coerced “Informant” mother at the hospital.
Knowing how to liberate your “real” self chosen name (you can call yourself anything, my wife calls me hubby, I guess my name is Hubby of the Smith Clan 😉 would be my living breathing soul name that lives on the land where I was born.
I AM not the dead ALL CAPS CORPORATE TITLE argued about in tax,Your US STRAWMAN admiralty, commercial contract, courts. They need your consent to manage the $10,000 a day they can milk off your CUSIP number trade name account bonds.
Why do you think the U.S. has the most inmates?
Because they want to control the power they know you don’t think you poses for their own corporate means and not yours.
Wow that last sentence is messed up. Sorry for the reality check matrix moment..
A new FICO File strawman Patrick Devine
They know how to do the paperwork, you don’t.
I guess its a situation of hah hah na naa boo boo from the Tavistock Institute responsible for what children “learn” in state schools around the world.
Just know enough to be a slave and that’s it. Law? What’s that? Hmm, no one knows any law round these parts an agent will profess. I wonder why that is hmmm…
Take your power back TODAY!
We got a data dump that will make your hard drive and friends think you have “jumped ship” (oh I just sooo amuse myself).
This stuff will smoke your socks off big time Chief (or whatever you wanna be called).
This is a big file!
[3.2 GB]
of amazing legal files and president “THEY” don’t want you to know about knowlegal new credit file about.
I am quite sure many parties want to keep these truths hidden from you.
Get it NOW!
Below is a video of the file go through shots of what’s included
just press pause to read a screen capture data of the file lists.
As you can see it took me more than 3 minutes and I didn’t even go through half the files.
Just bonkers in Yonkers the amount of effort Patrick Devine did to exposé the STRAWMAN situation and take control of his legacy. Well his mission lives on here in this download.
Discharge your:
  • Taxes
  • Mortgage
  • All DMV fees & rules
  • legally stand your ground a travel free
  • No license plate
  • Get access to your STRAWMAN accounts
  • Fill UCC’s to Separate in Commerce
  • And so much much more
More than 1,000 legal forms and example forms that have been filled out of most all forms listed with editable formats.
Redraft and file same day anything you need to action on your estate.
I agree to download this free for use data and receive communications about related content to the email address provided in this form. Thank you!

Patrick Devine Files

Main Index Contents:Get a new credit file

Each index file has around 100 other files give or take.

Ref: Video above for a preview of file structure

04-Going to a Commodity Broker
05-COLB fraud
06-Private Mail
09-Identity Theft
10-Handle Court Case
11-US Estate to Foreign Grantor
12-Taking Control
13-American ESTATE Banking
14-Claiming Your Estate
15-Marry Jezebel
16-Postal Mail System
17-American Tax Collector
18-American Legacy
19-Revoke The SSN Underwriting
20-You Are American CURATOR
21-American Confederation Bank
22-International Trade Court
23-Passport Banking
24-Executive Will Documents
25-Private Home land Documents
26-101-National Court Of Equity
27-Reentry Notice
28-Puts And Calls
32-Bonds For Support
33-Update Of Patent
34-Self Executing Judgement
35-Internal Revenue Banking
36-Federal Reserve Banking
37-Treasury Account
38-American Constitutional Bank
39-Claiming Your Labors
40-Owner-Bounty Hunter
42-Patricks Files (extra)
47-Files of useful info
X1-Action Group
X2-Get Control Of SSN Account
X3-Correct Your Status
X4-Notice Of Liability
._02-Going to a Commodity Broker
._11-US Estate to Foreign Grantor
._Additional Words.doc
._American Ecclesiastical UCC example .doc
._BC Bank Note – Letter of Credit – example rev 2.doc
._DD214 Letter of Credit – example rev 1.doc
._Going to a Commodity Broker
._KC Credits RELEASED Letter #1 example.doc
._Revoke the SSN Underwriting.zip
._UCC – 5-108 plus Laws.doc


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