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having absolute diplomatic immunity
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  • A legal document and template for every occasion
  • Want to stop paying taxes to the I.R.S? 
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The days of frightening complex tax and legal documents are over. With US Legal Forms the entire process of submitting legal documents is anxiety-free.

When we found Patrick Devines Archive many years ago it really upgraded our awareness of all the potential in exercising our and our clients rights.

We HIGHLY recommend reading a FREE copy of:
The Global Sovereigns Handbook 

     Being also armed with the legal repository of Patrick Devine at your disposable is thousands and thousands of dollars worth of legal templates and documents for you to edit and deploy given the circumstances you find yourself in.

Here is the link we promised you!

Need help editing and submitting a document? We are here to help! Just contact us to answer any questions at:

Once you have provided yourself the education and the lawful and legal lay of the land can you then have true intent to your corrective Status and the steps you need to take to get there.

Once you understand how to control your Status & Standing as a Women, Man or other Entity with OR with OUT the U.S. You can then learn to live free.

We look forward to exploring this process with you and please know that

we are not “Attorneys at Law” we are simply consultants that help others

attain a new lawful legal status and provide support and troubleshooting along

the way.

As a Lawful Sovereign you must be able to rationally defend yourself

with anyone who addresses you (not relying on the Attorney “good ol’ boys” Bar Club) and be able to let anyone know the distinctions between your Current Status and Standing and correct their

presumption of your true Standing thorough public filings directly with a number of the U.S. Businesses, Departments and Agencies in & outside the U.S..

That way when your corrected standing is on record prior to controversy in commerce you have a defense ready, claims can be addresses and any potential presumed financial liabilities can be dissolved on your future (then) assumptive lawful position for any redress from third parties like the I.R.S. or others seeking use of your Corporate Trust value or compromise of you unalienable rights without your informed consent.

The following link will help if you just want to stop paying U.S. Taxes as an example of a test process to run through in law:

…shows a list of items that PERHAPS are necessary.

All items may or may not be necessary based on your tax case.

As you can see there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you wrap your

head around adjusting your legal posture for your particular desires

then the process becomes pretty straight forward.

A lot of the many, many other documents and references become irrelevant from

consideration giving us a straight line of actions to filings and public notices to proceed with ease when you KNOW THAT YOU KNOW that you are ready to for Expatriation or a refined Status or Standing in commerce.

Need help filling out forms and advocating your True Intended Legal Posture for defense against Foreign & Domestic Commercial Parties give us a call.

Our representatives can help you build a financial strategy, optimize your accounts and make the most of your time.


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