Get out of ANY Traffic Ticket Guaranteed!

No Ticket Kit Cover V4

THE No Ticket Kit comes with new plate tags!

Our tags show proper private lawful standing so you are outside the jurisdiction of the municipality you are traveling through.

Not For Hire License Plate
Our Tags Are Not Depicted Here

Be Ticket Proof Immediately!

You are provided access to download and review all your defense documents and make changes if needed. We then provide you with instructions on exactly how to manage the traffic stop.

Get out of ANY Traffic Ticket Guaranteed!

Traffic TicketGetting pulled over happens in the most inopportune times. You’re late for a meeting, work or a date and maybe you’re driving faster than you should and get a Traffic Ticket. Bang, Speed trap!

This is when typically a speeding ticket lawyer COULD help.

Speeding ticket lawyers cost a lot of money. Expect to pay $100 to $400 per hour while they chat away about your case and having you show up for court. You got $2,000.00 lying around for the attorney?

I mean really, who wants to go to an attorneys‘ office, then schedule a courtroom date and pay a bunch of money for a traffic ticket!?

traffic ticket speeding ticket lawyerSpending a day at the court house fighting a speeding or any Traffic Ticket really sucks. Plus you have to take time out of work, get a babysitter (if you have kids) and probably end up getting in a fight with your significant other. Yeah, um… NO THANKS!

Well we help you not get a Traffic Ticket in the first place at a traffic stop.

We have an amazing legally remedy that makes the officer personally liable for a $5,000.00+ fine they can’t fight and you win if they infringe on the one specific right you will lawfully poses after buying our NO TICKET KIT.

The officer will be 100% liable and will have to pay your fine to you directly!

You can simply and peacefully assert your defense right in the warmth and safety of your own personal conveyance (car) and not get the traffic ticket in the first place.

Once you have these 2 documents in your car ready to go (on a clip board) and the short communication that you give to the officer simply and effectively.

The officer will have no recourse but to let you go to avoid being personally liable for breaking the law against you.

It works every-time!no ticket kit happy customer traffic ticket speeding ticket lawyer


100% money back guarantee!

This is for non-criminal civil infractions where no other party has been injured like:

  • Speeding tickets,
  • No seat belt ticket
  • Driving with cell phone a.k.a. Distracted Driving 
  • Running a Red Light or Stop Sign
  • Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License
  • Violations Related to Turns and Lane Changes
  • Tailgating (Following Too Closely)
  • Right-of-Way Violations
What happens when you purchase our NO TICKET KIT?
  • No points will be added to your driving record

  • You can choose to get private plates ($20 extra from third party, links provided) and use our tags to be even more legally secure
  • You never have to step foot in a courtroom

  • You don’t need to pay court costs and fines

  • You don’t have to call a speeding ticket lawyer for your traffic ticket

  • You save $200-$2,500 on all other avenues that end you in the courtroom

  • Your right to defend yourself and choose not to contract never expires!

Step #1 Buy the NO TICKET KIT now!

Step #2 Download the simple files and instructions and get support

Step #3 Call us for any questions regarding managing any future stops to make sure you are operating lawfully in confidence and clarity

How can I have a clean driving record?

The best way to have a clean driving record is to practice safe driving.

Safe Driving:

  • Don’t use phone or any electronic device while driving

  • Be aware of the drivers around you

  • Adjust seats and mirrors before turning on the car

  • Don’t retrieve items that fall on the floor

  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you

  • Avoid driving while tired or overly emotional

  • Check mirrors and blind spots when changing lanes

  • Put on seat-belt

  • Avoid car dancing or having sex while driving

car dancing no ticket kit traffic ticket speeding ticket lawyer

Following these simple rules can keep you and others safe while getting to where you want to go privately and lawfully.

In the event you do get pulled over, you will already have the simple procedure ready to go to get you out of the traffic stop and avoid getting a traffic ticket for speeding and needing to get a speeding ticket lawyer for your traffic ticket.


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