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credit repair reviews

CPN File Reviews - Proof Screenshots - 2022

We are honored by a lot of great people that were in some tough spots financially. They chose to put there trust in us.

CPN File Reviews

We take everyone’s situation with a sense of urgency & from a very earnest professional perspective, as if we are going through the same circumstances our clients are.
We communicate with you until you KNOW that the way forward that’s discussed together WILL work for your desired outcome.

Thank you very much to our clients!!!

When we support each other, everyone wins!!!

CPN File Reviews

credit repair reviews

Date of experience: August 02, 2022

" I desperately needed help in getting a new credit score to be able to obtain a new place to live and pay off medical bills that was killing me. Very low income. I got in touch with them with so much positives in my heart and just as I hoped, they got the job done within 3 weeks... I'm excited about this because the problems I had due to my original low credit score has been a burden on me all this while especially me being a father of two girls. We thank you!"

credit repair reviews

Date of experience: January 14, 2021

"They are helping, and are very helpful in getting you set up on a plan you can afford. Very informational on all the options available. Understanding to all my needs."

credit repair reviews

Date of experience: May 09, 2021

"LNCF took action immediately. I was explained everything till the smallest detail. They made me feel comfortable an secure with my new information."

"I have to be honest to say that my overall experience has been great except I needed to understand the address situation better. I did speak to Chad and have to say, one of the humblest, kind hearted humans I've met. He was so calm and understanding and (over) assisted me every step of the way. Out of all of my experiences with services, Chad was the greatest and would recommend this services. 11/10."
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Date of experience:
August 20th, 2022
"It feels weird living in this house we got into.
I have felt so bad about myself for so long because of my credit and like magic its all gone.
Will take some time to get use to. Thank you LNCF!"
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Mike W.
Baltimore, MD.
"THANKFUL! After my Divorce my credit took a beating. Even with me doing all I knew to do I just couldn't get it where I knew it should be. I contacted legalnewcreditfile.com and they were so kind, respectful, knowledgeable, and helpful. Within a month things started moving forward and upward! Thank you so much legalnewcreditfile.com"
Stop paying taxes
Date of experience:
October 30, 2021
PUBLIC NOTICE: CPN File Reviews are real, names are made up, Images are a mix of fair use & client provided
credit repair reviews

The Legal Right to Privacy

The Basic Law:

The right of privacy is:

  • the right of a person to be free from unwarranted publicity,
  • the unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality,
  • the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or
  • the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

See Hogin v. Cottingham, 533 So. 2d 525 (Ala. 1988).

The right of privacy has two main aspects:

  • the general law of privacy, which affords a tort action for damages resulting from an unlawful invasion of privacy; and
  • the constitutional right of privacy which protects personal privacy against unlawful governmental invasion.

Invasion of privacy is a tort based in common law allowing an aggrieved party to bring a lawsuit against an individual who unlawfully intrudes into his/her private affairs, discloses his/her private information, publicizes him/her in a false light, or appropriates his/her name for personal gain.

Please know we respect your right to privacy and will not be invasive with our questions about your personal situation on the phone.

We will query only in regards to how our LP Privacy Services can enhance your ability to live a more peaceful and enriched life relieved from the ties that have bonded you.

Talk to one of our specialists today to find a creative way to leverage a small investment into a multigenerational Legacy Trust that pays dividends to all heirs that your enlightened seeds sow.

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CPN File Reviews

New CPN File Reviews

The legal team at Centurion Financial Services Inc, known as LNCF, is a beacon of hope for traditional consumers.

Comprising a dynamic trio of attorneys with rich backgrounds in corporate law, civil rights, and criminal defense, LNCF specializes in addressing the complexities of consumer privacy.

Their mission is clear: to demystify legal jargon and provide clarity in the privacy space, all while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and client-focused service.

This commitment has not only defined their approach but also earned them significant trust within the market, positioning them as pioneers in legal innovation for consumer rights.

Since its inception, LNCF has been at the forefront of tackling privacy challenges, leveraging the unique strengths and passions of its team members in a unified, collaborative strategy.

Their work extends beyond the courtroom, encompassing high-stakes life transitions and in-depth consulting services for those in need.

Through their dedicated efforts, LNCF has made a lasting impact on the lives of their clients and the broader American community, affirming their role as trusted advocates for consumer privacy and rights.

Their story is one of unwavering dedication to making a positive difference, underscored by a commitment to excellence and community service.