A New Credit File Saved My Moms Life!


Extreme Security: A Physical, Digital & Complete Credit Privacy Solution

Protecting yourself is not just a physical effort, it involves strategy and that begins with the mind.

Defend against domestic violence (for example in the story below) easily with a Digital Bugout Kit.

OK buckle up because its about to get rough…

PUBLIC NOTICE: Abuse is not love! If you are a victim of domestic violence andcouple 2 municipal or state services can not help your unique situation then continue reading…

Anika just broke up with Markus and Markus is pissed… “NO ONE CAN HAVE YOU IF I CANT”! Jeepers! Anika sounds like her safety is threatened and needs to increase physical distance and personal safety ASAP!

OK now this is critical, what Markus didn’t know is that Anika has been working with LNCF over the past 3 weeks to get her a brand new consumer credit file legally via the guidance of the 1974 privacy act law so she is already set up in a new apartment.

Anika already knew another abusive event would happen again with Markus but this time she is ready to run from a very violent person and save her own life!

…Anika’s story continues below…

With a digital bug out kit Anika was able to get away even though she didn’t have her phone (potential tracking hazard from boyfriend app install, which is negative exposure against her physical security and safety).

Q: What is a Digital Bugout Kit?

A: The Digital Bugout Kit is a password protected encrypted digital file that you keep all your new consumer credit identity information on in an email draft or cloud storage so you can access it “on the run” so-to-speak.

Your new credit file will contain a newly built consumer credit privacy file with a new 720+ FICO credit score.

This new credit file is not attached to your original credit file associated with your SSN.

This helps protect you from people that may know your personal details and track your purchases, credit or phone etc..


Your Digital Bugout Kit will have your approved new credit accounts details with logins so you can download any app you need to get into a house, apartment or a new car in case you are tied to your partners accounts and cant get out etc..

…the story continues…

Anika told Markus, ”JUST WAIT! We are going to finish this fight but I have to go to the bathroom.”

While Markus cooled down Anika made a break for it through the bathroom window she had already prepared to get out of the night before.climbing out window

She took her gorilla tapped baggy with new phone and new wallet from underneath the toilets porcelain lid, put it in an old purse she stashed in the bathroom and stepped safely out the window like a breeze in the cool quiet cover of night…

Anika’s story is not a new story, but her not becoming another statistic of domestic violence is. Anika saved her own life.


Good job Anika!

Be like Anika 🙂

She was in a tough spot and she took it upon herself to get out of a really bad situation.

Anika and many like her have become my personnel hero’s.

Ever since I helped my mom get away from my dad, the same way Anika got away from Markus in this story, I feel like a hero too.

new credit file

I am just a kid and not being in school a lot exposed me to some really dark stuff adults go through trying to make it in this world.

It feels good to actually help people in ways that matter.

Sometimes the glossy eyes of government “Take a number” lines for “help” are not the real answer to everybody’s unique situation.

Also, you may not want anyone to know about your business for many many reasons.

Where do you go?

Who do you talk to?

Who can you trust?

Well, I trusted my moms life to Legal New Credit File dot com and she was able to actually successfully get away from my uptight alcoholic abusive dad.

I couldn’t protect here, I am to small but I searched all over online for a solution.

That’s when I learned about CPN numbers aka “credit privacy numbers” I found LNCF and out of all the other shifty looking sites they were the only ones that had a professional website with anyone on the phone that were competent and actually knew what they were talking about.

LNCF Logo Anyway, I don’t write articles and I don’t really do social media anymore or anything but I wanted to post this today because a real solution was provided to my mom and I honestly believe it saved her life.

No one else could really help but they really did and I am very grateful my mom is safe.

THANK YOU Legal New Credit File for saving my mom!

I hope this story I wrote helps someone somewhere and if it does my life becomes more valuable to the people I know and love.

Peace be with you,

One happy Son!

I changed the names in the story cuz well you know 😉

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2 days ago we received the best email from a client that we are reproducing here with permission.

Beside the reviews on our website this is the best so far.

We are so happy we could help such an unfortunate circumstance.

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